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Named 3 devices that can consume electricity even when not in use

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun12,2024

Named 3 devices that can consume electricity even when they are not used

You think that it is enough to turn off this or that household appliance – and it will stop consuming electricity? You are deeply mistaken! Some devices continue to be "voracious" even when you don't use them.

However, the problem is solved quite simply: you only need to develop the habit of not only pressing the "OFF" button, but also removing the plug from the outlet.

Which devices should not remain plugged in when turned off?


Turned off the TV? Pull the plug now! Otherwise, the device will continue to consume electricity.

Yes, the consumption, at first glance, is not significant. But if you don't turn off the TV from the outlet around the clock, then don't be surprised by the numbers on the receipt.

Microwave oven

This device has a display. He works constantly. And a lot of energy is spent on its functioning.

Heated food in the microwave oven? Unplug the device immediately! And then the display will not be able to consume electricity.

Coffee maker

For a similar reason, you cannot leave the coffee maker plugged in. .

Natasha Kumar

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