Nadya Dorofeva spoke to the Ukrainian defenders

Nadya Dorofeva spoke to the Ukrainian defenders

Nadya Dorofєva spoke to Ukrainian defenders

After Nadya Dorofєva returned to Ukraine appeared before the thieves. Vaughn chimed in with the Russians, she didn’t sleep much for them, but she spluttered.

from colleagues, yaks, turning to Ukraine, we stand in front of our troops. The artist together with the team came to one of the Viysk districts.

Nadya Dorofieva performed for the Viysk locals

Vikonavitsya published in the merezha a vicious video from the stupa. On the other side, you can see that Dorofєva and Viysk were for the sake of zustrіch, on their faces shone a smile.

At the Viysk part, the couple came in pastel colors: beige pants, Mayts in color khaki and a long-term cardigan. For a long time, she put a lot of hair out of her lungs, and on her appearance the ice blew a rumpled make-up. With a boundless vdyachnistyu, your Dorofiev, – Nadia wrote in the video.


  • “Dakuye for the good for our country”.
  • “ today”.
  • “You are great! At the same time, it is extremely important to praise our warriors. Thank you for those who are robish”.
  • “How nice! Nadya, majestic you!”
  • “Well done! Cool, you're here with us”.