Nadya Dorofeva showed her new boyfriend

Nadya Dorofeva showed her new boyfriend

Nadya Dorofieva showed her new boyfriend

Ukrainian couple Nadia Dorofiev after the separation from Volodymyr Dantes gave birth to new stosunki. Її Becoming a model, a native of Berdyansk, the head of many restaurants near Kiev, Mikhailo Katsurin.

Varto It should be noted that Nadya Dorofiev and Volodymyr Dantes were richly comrade-in-arms and comrade together with Mikhail Katsurin and Dasha's retinue. With the group, the song, having become a love chotirikutnik, the little ones walk around a little bit, that the couple at once chats with the restaurateur's huge team.

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In a special oblіkovy post on Instagram Nadya Dorofєva published the first photo with cohanim.

“Together” , — succinctly said the zirka.

Mikhailo Katsurin also dedicated the post to kokhaniy. Under the screen of their video chat with the inscription “poor day”, the restaurateur said:

“But really, the day is class!”

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