Nadya Dorofeva shared an extraordinary story

Nadya Dorofeva shared an extraordinary story

Popular Ukrainian couple Nadya Dorofiev, she broke up with the man Volodymyr Dantes after 11 years of marriage and started an affair with Mikhail Katzurinim, often pleasing chanuvalniks with bright publications on her side in Instagram. So, how many times did the star share an unusual photo that rose symbolic school history, and for example drew a parallel from the current situation in the country.

You can look at the new photo, like Nadia looked at the school. At the sign of the future, the star is still young, out at the school uniform, I call the order from my girlfriend. Chanuvalniks in the comments indicated that Dorofeva was a fashionista even in school days.

 Nadya Dorofєva shared an extraordinary story

At the signature before publication, Nadya revealed an unfamiliar high school story: “About those who didn’t succeed, but I am strong. In me, the teacher of the Ukrainian Galina Fedorivna was straining at the prize of the “Halifa”. More suvora and specific. Yakscho Gudzik is Gudzik, and not Gudzik chi, God forbid, a button. Once, the class rushed to take revenge for the sovereignty, and if the GF came in, greeted and said “sit”, everyone was left standing. Nemov didn’t understand what the word “sit” is like. Vaughn repeated and repeated, but a childish flashmob is a childish flashmob. Out of 27 people there were only three – two classmates and me. Galina Fyodorivna became embarrassed and went out of class. I was terribly covered up and really wanted to protect me. This is the first time in my life, if I have written against the position of greater and already written tsim”.

Naprikintsy Dorofєva drew a parallel: “Today, Ukrainians, all the trochs Galina Fedorivna, but with a small margin – we were not embarrassed and did not go, we are defending ourselves, our land and our language&#8221 ;.