Nadya Dorofєva at the man's suit zvivuval hot dances

Nadya Dorofєva at the man's suit zvivuval hot dances

Ukrainian couple Nadya Dorofiev is popular, after 11 years of marriage she went from the man Volodymyr Dantes to his best friend Mikhail Katzurina, often delighting the chanuvalniks with the most beautiful publications on her side in Instagram. So, how many times did the star strike the followers with an incredible video, on which a new song sounds.

In the short clip, Nadya dances passionately in the company of two more dancers – the lads and the girls from the ballet, the stench rhythmically beats similar rhymes. The inconsistency of the video is added by a cicavi montage, for some young couple, those dancers either approach the camera, or move away in front of it. As you can see, at the frame Dorofiev s & # 8217; appeared in a stylish and well-groomed image – on her dark human suit from a white shirt and a crib. The artist's hair is tied in a ponytail, and on her face she has a bright make-up with red lipstick and fashionable eyepieces.

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Nadya Dorofeva in a man's suit was dancing with fire dances

Shanuvalniks immediately started commenting on Nadia's new video: “I looked over this video 50 times already, Nadia is so beautiful”, “Your red lipstick is so right, just wow”, “What a suit the image is chic”, “You already have a scarlet color of lipstick”, “The shortest track from the album. I’m listening already, it’s already possible, & # 8221;, & # 8220; It sounds incredible! Cool, beautiful”, “You should be wearing a suit”, “Your favorite song from your album”, “Nadya, the image is fire. Now I figured out what the bula was for zjomki on the day the album was released”, “It's cool and stylish”, “ ;.