Nіmechchina started to buy naphtha from the USA, get ready to go to Russia

Nіmechchina started to buy naphtha from the USA, get ready to go to Russia

The first American tanker made of sulfuric naphtha from the USA arrived in the German port of Rostock last year.

Nimechchina has started buying naphtha from the USA, getting ready for Russian export

According to Reuters.

According to the estimates of the analytical company Refinitiv, the vessel was carrying close to 570,000 tons of barrels of Mars Sour oil.

The tanker Capricorn Sun was chartered by the British concern Shell and took naphtha to save Luziani.

Oil terminal near Rostock, where it came a vessel built by a pipeline from two oil refineries near the places of Shwedt and Loina with an oil production of 233,000 barrels for production and 240,000 barrels for production. from Russia by the Druzhba pipeline.

In the capital city of Nimechchina, as the largest country of the European Union, it is possible to see Russian oil. European oil refining plants are planning to replace with syrovine from Norway, Saudi Arabia, Great Britain and the USA. Mars can be mixed with distillate, lower grade WTI or Eagle Ford. With winter approaching, Nimechchina will be able to save its drink for distillate, children can,” Refinitiv analyst Jim Mitchell predicts.

The plant near Sweden, which Rosneft is rich in, is critical for the German economy. Dosі tse pіdpriієmstvo, in view of which there are thousands of working areas in the region, there is not enough oil in one place – the Russian pipeline “Druzhba”.