Nіmechchinі inflation accelerated to a maximum for mayzhe 50 years

Nіmechchinі inflation accelerated to a maximum for mayzhe 50 years

Inflation has accelerated to its maximum in May 50

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Slower prices for the FRN are growing already in the third month after the end of the month

The high inflation in the Nimechchina was fixed on the hour of the oil crisis, like in 1973. In the grass of 2022, energy costs and food products became the most expensive.

In the grass of the current year, inflation in the city of Nymakhchyna was 7.9 per cent in the river bank, according to the number 1 of the Federal Statistical Office, published in the second edition. The increase in prices for the third month has become a record high in the entire history of the country. In birch and quarter of 2022, the cost was 7.3 and 7.4 per cent.

“The main reason for the high inflation is the increase in energy prices. Ale mi posterіgaєmo also increased prices for a lot of other goods, especially food & # 8221;, & # 8211; said President Destatis George Til. In other words, such a high level of river inflation in the Nymech region was fixed during the hour of the oil crisis in 1973-1974. >In early 2022, the price of energy prices grew on par with the early indicator of 2021 by 38.3 per cent. More for others – at 94.8 vіdsotka – raising the price of fuel oil. Natural gas – at 55.2 vіdsotka, motorized fire – for 41 vіdsotok. Prices for electricity increased by 21.5 v/dsotka.

The increase in prices for energy has accelerated due to those that, following the war between Russia and Ukraine, the supply lines were increased, according to the Federal Statistical Office. In Crimea, the price was increased by a carbon tax of 25 to 30 euros per ton, the government said.

Food and hot – Inflation Growth Drivers

In grass food inflation, the FRN reached 11.1 hundred square meters compared to the same month last year. Tse – the maximum pokaznik at the hour of the day of Nimechchini. Nayvidchutnishe – at 38.7 vіdsotka – rose in price rose oil and fat. The increase in the price for m & # 8217; jar and m & # 8217; clear products was 16.5 vіdsotka, for dairy products that eggs & # 8211; 13.1 vіdsotka, for bread and grits – 10.8 sq.m.

The prices for transport costs (9.1 sq.m.), digital equipment (8 sq.m.) and furniture (7.4 sq.m.) have grown significantly. The price of goods went up by 17.9 per cent, Destatis increased.

Without adjustment, the increase in prices for energy products, the traditional inflation in Nіmechchinі added 3.8 per cent. Services have risen in price by 2.9 vіdsotka, rent – for 1.7 vіdsotka. Prices for telecommunications and social services decreased by 0.9 and 2.5 per cent.