Mysterious seething of the Black Sea has puzzled netizens

Mysterious seething of the Black Sea has puzzled netizens

A rather unusual and mysterious phenomenon, which was recorded on camera off the coast of Sochi, caused bewilderment and puzzled many web users. However, the author of the video published on the social network Instagram could not understand the nature of this strange phenomenon.

The mysterious seething of the Black Sea has puzzled netizens

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In the frames presented, you can see how one of the areas of sea water is actively boiling, and large bubbles burst out along with the foam. “Do you think this is happening at sea?” – the author of the video asked the subscribers. Users in the comments began to willingly share their assumptions. “They drain water from the water park,” said one of them.

Others expressed a version according to which the author filmed a breakthrough in the deep-water release of sewage treatment plants, asking those who were near the mysterious phenomenon if this process was accompanied by a characteristic smell. The version of the sewage system was also voiced by other commentators. At the same time, the author himself decided to laugh it off and admitted that the mythical sea monster, nicknamed the Kraken in folklore, could be the culprit for the strange seething.

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