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“My first poem was written in a trench”: Lina Kostenko's poetry was read in the Kholodny Yar brigade

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Mar21,2024

"My first poem was written in a trench": the Kholodny Yar brigade read Lina Kostenko's poetry

Brigade “Cold Yar”/Screenshot from the video

Ukrainian military congratulates the Ukrainian poet and writer Lina Kostenko on her birthday. After all, on March 19, she celebrated her 94th birthday.

Ukrainian soldiers from the 93rd OMbr Kholodny Yar sent her sincere congratulations and recited a poem to the artist. This is reported by the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Lina Kostenko's poem “My first poem is written in a trench” was read to the soldiers in the trenches of the latest Russian-Ukrainian war.

Poetry Week is currently underway in Ukraine. In addition, today is the birthday of the outstanding Ukrainian poet Lina Kostenko. Kholodnyi Yar and all the Armed Forces of Ukraine thank you for the wisdom and immortal lines that give us strength and faith in Victory. We wish you good health, and we will take care of a peaceful sky, – it is noted in the post.

Our soldiers write lines from her works on body armor – as a charm. Kostenko wrote most of them, remembering her childhood, which was spent under the fire of the fascists during the Second World War. However, they are still relevant for Ukrainians today.

Lina Kostenko turned 94 years old. For the third year in a row, the artist celebrates her birthday during a full-scale war between Russia and Ukraine.

Natasha Kumar

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