Muti in Caserta among the boys of Scampia

Muti in Caserta among the boys of Scampia

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Muti in Caserta among the boys of Scampia

the concert event

twelve o’clock, July 10, 2021 – 09:12

Yesterday dress rehearsal in front of the Royal Palace. The young people of Musica Libera Tutti are invited. The teacher: «I am here because it is my home and as promised I will still be with you on the 31st». Tonight the performance with the Luigi Cherubini Youth Orchestra on the notes of Schubert

of Dario Ascoli

«On July 31st, as promised, I will still be with you in Scampia to direct you to a concert lesson». So Riccardo Muti to the guys of Free Music Tutti, personally invited by the maestro also yesterday afternoon, to attend the dress rehearsal of tonight’s concert at 9 pm in Piazza Carlo di Borbone, in front of the Royal Palace of Caserta. The event is part of the “A summer for a king” review.

“I came back here – the teacher said jokingly to the boys of Scampia – because that is my house, modestly …”, pointing to the palace. Muti chatted amiably with the boys, two of whom are students of the Liceo Vittorio Emanuele. “I also attended that prestigious high school – he said – and in the hall today there is a stele with the names of the illustrious students: they are all dead, except me …”. And before starting the test, he was given a personalized mask from the Hurtado Center in Scampia. The master then showed the various orchestral instruments and highlighted the indispensability of each of them, from the bass of the double bass, on which all harmony rests. And then he also illustrated the two scores by Schubert that he will perform tonight, in the presence of a group of very young people from the Region’s project «Canta Suona e Cammina», coming from the districts of Porta Capuana, Capodimonte and Torre del Greco.

A few days after his eightieth birthday, which he will also celebrate in his city and in his Conservatory, Riccardo Muti will conduct the Luigi Cherubini Youth Orchestra in the «Ouverture in C major“ in Italian style ”D591” and in the “Symphony n. 9 in C major “the great” D944 ».

Vienna and Naples compete for musical primacy, certainly not for affection, in the heart of the Maestro, who is able to exalt their respective qualities. «The first time in Vienna I found a very different city from today – he recently told the« Corriere »- and it was a great success. They asked me to record Schubert’s Symphonies and later they asked me to conduct the New Year’s Concert. In Italy there was a rumor: but how, a Neapolitan conducting waltzes? They forgot that the queen of Naples, Maria Carolina, was the daughter of Maria Theresa of Austria. I conducted six New Year’s concerts ».

It is the “Italian” Vienna of the Restoration, the one that dotes on Rossini and that Schubert transfigures in the solar “Ouverture in C major” in Italian style “D591”. A completely different atmosphere is that of “Symphony n.9”, sketched by Schubert during a trip to Syria in 1825, completed in 1828, but performed only 11 years later in Leipzig, under the direction of Mendelssohn, in memoriam of the author.

The great director, running the Cherubini, has been heavily involved in these days, but he is always happy to return to “his” Campania: “In a world that is forgetting the profound values ​​of culture, a concert here at the Reggia – he said during his “last time” in Caserta – it is a combination of music, nature, sculpture, art, beauty: the reasons why humanity should exist “.


10 July 2021 | 09:12

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