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Musical news of March 2024 – playlist of new Ukrainian songs

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The first month of spring allowed music lovers to replenish their playlists with dozens of great songs. The musicians entertained us with good and high-quality music of various genres. So, everyone was able to find something they liked.

March was fruitful for new musical releases. Tina Karol, KOLA, and KALUSH presented their songs. You could also hear compositions by Monatik, ANKA, Artem Pyvovarov, TNMK and Pianoboy. And also from Yulia Yurina, Vitaly Kozlovsky and YAKTAK!

Radio MAXIMUM has compiled for you a selection of compositions that premiered in March 2024. Feel free to add the ones you like the most to your playlist!

TINA KAROL – With you

The work emphasizes the mood of spring love. In the video for the new song, Tina appeared in front of the camera on the sofa at home. She wore a black dress, made a stylish make-up and bright makeup with red lips.

A new song, a new dimension, where you will find a response to your unspoken feelings,
– wrote the singer.

TNMK and Pianoboy – Legends

For me, this is a song about the connection between the past and the future through the lens of a person living today. I strongly feel that all people who consider themselves Ukrainians should become friends, should unite for each other's sake. Even during a brutal war, new Ukrainians, new lives and new dreams are born into this world. And we have to convey goodness, unity and constructiveness to them. They should feel our support and that we took care of them. Every day, we build bridges here and now between the past and the future with our own hands so that we have “today”, Dmytro Shurov (Rianoboy) said.

ANKA – No shame

This is the first song of the ANKA project, which was written with Vanko Klymenko and Roman Nero right after the “Voice of the Country” contest. A track about the fact that it's time to let go of everything that happened in the past and start living to the fullest today, because there is no more shame.

It will never be the same again. Feel your strength and enjoy it every day to the maximum!
– says the description of the track.

Monatik – So… Hello

The clip begins with a moving poem by the artist. And then he performs a song, which he combines with choreography. According to Monatik, this work currently represents a new stage in his creative life – the development of music and dance art.

I have always believed that music and art should benefit society and give positive emotions. And in such extremely difficult times as now, I see this as a special mission, because we lack it very much,
– said the singer.

Artem Pivovarov – Oh, Panna!

Recently I have been creating a lot of serious music, and this time I decided to take a different path. This is how a new branch of the project “Your poems, my notes” was born – the group “The Mustache”. I was pleasantly surprised that in this work “Lions on a jeep”, Lyosha Durnev and Mark Kutsevalov showed themselves not only as good actors, but also as performers, because they also participated in the recording and coped with the task perfectly,
– he noted Pivovarov.

Ziferblat – Airplanes

According to the performers, this is a song about peaceful times. About future peaceful times that may come. It is about those who will one day look at the clear, safe sky and not even imagine that it is somehow different.

When I reread the text, I imagine a kind of magical telephone that will allow today to communicate with a person from a utopian world. of the future The whole world is the same, but only the details blacken it,
– says the band's soloist Daniil Leshchynskyi.

YAKTAK – 10 floors

This track is about our life. In it, I wanted to convey simple, everyday things: neighbors from the upper floors, moments when I waited for her under the window and did a “concert under the balcony.” Sometimes it happens that problems overwhelm us, sometimes there are ups and downs, but we just have to move forward together, no matter what. I hope that this track will inspire some of you to do something good and romantic for your loved one and simply appreciate these moments,
– said the artist.

Yulia Yurina – Black Cloud

In the clip “Black Cloud”, which closely echoes the story of the film “Stay Online”, Yurina used her talent to portray the strong emotions and feelings associated with the events that happened in Buchi during the Russian aggression. The song “Black Cloud” was a response to these events, where the musician expressed her rage and anger at the occupiers through the lines of the song.

In her comment on the creation of the track, Yurina shared that music became for her not only an expression of feelings, but also a way to survive emotional stress during the war. According to the singer, the lines of the song became the embodiment of her personal experiences and reaction to events in the country.

Vitaly Kozlovsky – Rubizh

The name of the new composition “Rubizh” is symbolic, as it represents both the border between civilian and military life, and changes in Vitaly's personal life. And this is also the name of the rapid response brigade of NSU, to which he was mobilized last year.

The only thing that war cannot take away from us is faith, love for our relatives, and the will to live. and continue your family,
– said Kozlovsky.

Nastya Kamenskikh – Do not wash me

“With this song, I turn to the Angel and to the higher forces and pray that the dream of every Ukrainian will come true as soon as possible: to understand that nothing threatens your dearest people. I hope that this track will support everyone who worries every day for their loved ones and relatives who are at ground zero or in occupation, and pray for them!” – emphasized NK, adding that it was the war that taught each of us to appreciate life and the happiness of being with our closest relatives.

Pavlo Zibrov – Woman that I love

One day Mykola Shchur, the author of the original text, called me back. He says, Pavlo, I see you are looking for someone who could translate the song “Beloved Woman” for you, why search, I already have an option. And it was a hit in the top ten. As the author of the original text, no one can feel this song, so I was incredibly happy that the song got a second life in the author's Ukrainian translation by Mykola Shchur. Now it is called “Woman that I love,” Zibrov noted.

KOLA and KALUSH – Hold my heart

A clip for the song “Catch my heart”, which sings about happy love, which “makes the heart jump out”, got into the KOLA song collection on YouTube. The composition will not leave anyone indifferent, because the sensual performance of KOLA conveys the authenticity of the emotions of a person who truly loves, and the lyrical reflections in the text of KALUSH remind of the main thing: “It is so important to live, to feel the real time”.

Ocean Elsa – Voices Are Rising

Our new musical story. Voices Are Rising is the first song from our first English-language album. There should be long texts and stories here. But today we want you to just listen to the song and, most importantly, remember that the light will always overcome the darkness,
– says the message under the song.

More new Ukrainian tracks for March 2024:

  • Oleg Skrypka – “Nomad”;
  • TAB – “Quarters”;
  • Ivo Bobul – “Hazy Eyes”;
  • ADAM – “Something else”;
  • Diana Gloster – “Cat”;
  • ANGELA – “Call back”;
  • Yuliia Lushchynska – “Enough”;
  • li>
  • Olya Polyakova – “Mama”;
  • DREVO – “Answer”;
  • Quest Pistols – “Crazy”;
  • Moisey Bondarenko – ” A moment”;
  • Ingret – “Something caught fire”;
  • MAYOROVA – “Name”;
  • Tonya Matvienko – “You are me”;< /li>
  • KALUSH and KRUT – “Ten”;
  • HAS – “Guilty”;
  • Tember Blanche and Max Ptashnyk – “In one room”;
  • Violet – “Imagine”.

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