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Music that goes beyond the charts: KALUSH presented a solo album

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun15,2024

Music beyond the charts: KALUSH presents solo album


The new album “For the soul” from KALUSH offers listeners to dive into the depth of emotions and personal experiences of the frontman. This album is not an attempt to create hits for radio or music charts.

This is a selection of songs that embody Oleg Psyuk's state of mind and own vision of music. Read in the material of Radio Maximum how the fans of the band's work reacted.

Foreword: With folklore notes: Viktor Vinnyk and MARY shot a music video for the song “Krasivo”< /p>

The main composition of the album was the song “Tebe ne poputst”. According to the frontman, the track describes his way of thinking: “If I don't have it, you can't have it.”

Envy is a destructive energy that does not can lead to something good. If you have a negative attitude towards the success of others, it means that you don't want it for yourself and you won't get it either. And if you extrapolate this energy to real actions, you can understand that any “impossible” goal is possible, the performer says.

The album “For the soul” is a kind of reflection of this philosophy. Each song is an opportunity to immerse yourself in a world where there is no room for envy, but only real emotions and personal experiences.

The name of the album fully describes what is inside. These are purely songs that I like. Some of them are completely anti-hit and cannot be in the charts these days. And that's why you should listen to them. Because this is something new, from me personally, – the frontman of the KALUSH band comments on the album.