Music: Lana Del Rey, Arlo Parks, essential in 2021

Music: Lana Del Rey, Arlo Parks, essential in 2021

Nobody knows when the concerts will resume, but the albums that will punctuate 2021 are already looming, between Lana Del Rey, Django Django, Arlo Parks, La Femme, Eddy de Pretto not to mention the Liminanas-Laurent Garnier ticket.

Not yet known to the general public, Arlo Parks, promise of neo-soul, already has illustrious fans such as Billie Eilish and Michelle Obama. And his face wowed director Gus Van Sant for an advertising campaign. The first album of the Londoner (with roots between France, Chad and Niger), Collapsed in sunbeams, arrives January 29 and the singles Green eyes or Caroline allow to get an idea.


Another newcomer, the French Lala & this will drop the same day Everything tasteful, one of the most anticipated records in a rap / r’n’b between lascivious and hard-hitting. On the safe side, we must mention Texas. “Yes, a new album is coming,” singer-leader Sharleen Spiteri told AFP in December when the single-scout came out. Hi.

Chemtrails over the country, new album by diva Lana Del Rey, announced successor to her best album Norman fucking Rockwell! (2019) –Violet bent backwards over the grass published in 2020 being only a collection of poems set to music – finally shows itself after many postponements. In a teaser of less than 30 seconds on her social networks, the star promises a new single on January 11. It’s already more than Drake, whose Certified lover boy is always desired.

Loud Brits

Another return, that of Django Django, with Glowing in the dark -is Glowing in the dark, album-promise of hope in a dark time – announced February 12. The British title track has already been delivered and enjoys a dance-call remix from the rowdy Hot Chip.

Other records from the UK must be making noise. In particular that of Squid, a lively collective from Brighton which put all the clearing festivals in a trance before the Covid-19. The coveted object is to land in the spring. And in the collection of dirty kids, we are waiting for the projections of Viagra Boys (Welfare jazz, this Friday).

In the French department, the gifted Arman Méliès will be the guide of his Laurel Canyon (February 26) while Gaëtan Roussel will question reason and feelings with Do you know?, March 19. The former frontman of Louise Attaque set the tone with two singles, including We don’t die (all at once) with a clip with a crazy cast, between big names in sport like Bixente Lizarazu, Alain Prost, Marie-José Pérec or even Christine Arron.

“Vaccinated history”

The new feathers also repoint the tip of their nose. Eddy de Pretto announces an XXL tour for fall 2021 – “My loves, we are leaving for a second story! This one will be vaccinated ”, he writes on his networks – and leaves this Wednesday a new single, Bateaux Mouches with auto-biographical content. Which probably foreshadows a second album this year, after the acclaimed Priest (2018).

The decadent dandies of Fire! Chatterton, of La Femme, as well as those of Magenta (extension of the Fauve group) are also in the starting blocks.

Finally, among mad scientists, two projects are salivating. The electro duo Cabadzi plans Burrhus (February 5), reference to Burrhus Frederic Skinner, a specialist in behavioral psychology in the 1950s-1960s. Cabadzi, who had previously set to music replicas of Bertrand Blier’s films, will this time evoke “the addiction to social networks, dangerous because induced by the ergonomics of apps”, as Lulu explained to AFP. half of the pair. And the Liminanas are still expanding their collection of collaborations (after Etienne Daho or Peter Hook, ex-Joy Division and ex-New Order) by tackling this time to the boss of electro Laurent Garnier.

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