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Murder of parents: the strict conditions of detention of Trevor Farley confirmed

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Trevor Robert Farley will be held under strict conditions at the Selkirk Mental Health Center in Manitoba .


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Manitoba's Criminal Code Review Board this week upheld strict conditions for the housing and treatment of Trevor Farley, 39, found not criminally responsible for the murder of his parents and the attempted murder of his former supervisor in 2021, believing that he poses “a significant threat to public safety.”

Trevor Farley will be detained at the Mental Health Center in Selkirk where he will be placed under close supervision and will receive treatment in a closed unit for an indefinite period. He is due to be transferred from Headingley Prison shortly.

In Selkirk, its only access to the outdoors will be a courtyard surrounded by a concrete wall more than four meters high, under constant surveillance with 24-hour cameras.

The Review Board considered public safety, the primary consideration, Mr. Farley's current mental state, his reinstatement in society and its other needs, wrote the chairman of the Review Commission.

The report released Monday said Mr. Farley should only be allowed to leave the center under escort for medical reasons, emergencies or treatment necessary for his rehabilitation that he could not receive on site at the center.

The man will also participate in counseling sessions and programs led by the facility's health officials.

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He is prohibited from going to Seven Oaks Hospital unless it is the only reasonable option for life-saving treatment. Trevor Farley worked there as a nurse until he attacked his former supervisor Candyce Szkwarek. Moreover, the report requires him not to contact Candyce Szkwarek.

Mr. Farley must not possess weapons, and must maintain good behavior. He must also submit to annual examinations before a judge.

Finally, the fact that he is designated as a high-risk accused permanently deprives him of conditional or absolute release, unless a superior court judge decides to grant it to him.

These measures follow a hearing held last week, during which Mr. Farley's lawyers and prosecutors were heard about the conditions of detention of the man.

Selkirk Mental Health Center forensic psychiatrist Dr. Shauna Sawich will be responsible for assisting Mr. Farley with his transition and overseeing his treatment.

The man was diagnosed with bipolar disorder type 1, and since 2021 he has been taking antipsychotic and antidepressant medications to which he responds well, Dr. Sandwich says.

In October, a Manitoba Court of King's Bench judge ruled that Trevor Farley was not criminally responsible for the murders of his parents Judy Swain and Stuart Farley, aged 73 at the time, and the same day attempted murder of his former supervisor at Seven Oaks Hospital, Candyce Szkwarek, due to mental illness.

In addition, the judge designated him as a high-risk accused, an extremely rare and very restrictive classification in Canada.

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