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Murder of Guylaine Potvin: Marc-André Grenon appeals his case

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Mar22,2024

Murder of Guylaine Potvin  : Marc-André Grenon appeals his case

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Marc-André Grenon was found guilty of premeditated murder.

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Convicted 24 years after raping and killing Guylaine Potvin in Jonquière, Marc-André Grenon requests the intervention of the Court of Justice. call.

His lawyers filed a notice of appeal at the Quebec courthouse on Friday, accusing the trial judge of having made a series of errors.

According to them, Judge Francois Huot erred in law by giving, in his instructions to the jury, an opening to the verdict of first degree murder based on premeditation. In their notice of appeal, Me Vanessa Pharand and Me Karine Poliquin maintain that there was no evidence to support this theory.

After being found guilty of first degree murder on February 20 at the Chicoutimi courthouse, Grenon was automatically sentenced to life imprisonment, with no possibility of parole for 25 years. The jury also found him guilty of sexually assaulting the victim.

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An illustration of defense lawyers, Karine Poliquin and Vanessa Pharand.

Marc-André Grenon's lawyers maintain that Judge Huot also erred by not making corrections to his instructions to the jury, at the request of the defense.

The lawyers wanted the judge to clarify that the defense admitted the injuries as part of the sexual assault charge but that Grenon did not admit the injuries. did not admit to being the author.

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Before the trial began, the defense also filed a motion to change of location so that it takes place in another judicial district than that of Chicoutimi. The lawyers are also against the decision of Judge Huot, who rejected this request.

Marc-André Grenon, who is 49 years old, is also accused of attempted murder and sexual assault for events that occurred in the Quebec region.

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