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Murder in Coaticook: Yanick Dostie-Pouliot pleads guilty

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Mar21,2024

Murder in Coaticook: Yanick Dostie-Pouliot pleads guilty

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Yanick Dostie-Pouliot pleaded guilty at the Sherbrooke courthouse Thursday morning.


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Yanick Dostie-Pouliot, who was accused of the murder of Jeannine Perron-Ruel which occurred in Coaticook in December 2021, pleaded guilty to charge of second degree murder, Thursday morning, at the Sherbrooke courthouse.

Judge Claude Villeneuve accepted this admission of guilt. He sentenced the defendant to life in prison, with no possibility of parole for 11 years.

The illegal act committed by the accused against the 80-year-old lady is a gratuitous and heinous crime, dared in a context of pure neighborhood chicanery, said the magistrate when pronouncing the sentence.

The victim, Jeannine Perron-Ruel, was seriously injured on December 2, 2021 on rue de la Rivière. She was taken to hospital and later died of head trauma. The 80-year-old woman was Yanick Dostie-Pouliot’s neighbor. They lived in the same building.

According to the factual framework read in court, Dostie-Pouliot shot him two lead projectiles in the back of the head. He also hit her with his gun. He was convinced that the victim had poisoned his dog, and on the morning of the tragedy, his pet mouse had escaped from its cage. He was convinced that it was his neighbor who had freed her. He then went to see her to confront her. That's when he killed her.

Dostie-Pouliot, who was 38 years old at the time of the events, had been behind bars since the tragedy which had greatly shaken the Coaticook community. Moreover, the family of Jeannine Perron-Ruel was present in large numbers to attend the appearance.

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A letter written by one of his daughters, Aline Ruel, was read by the &x27; lawyer for the Director of Criminal and Penal Prosecutions, Me François Houle.

We loved her, our mother. We still needed her, her advice, her attention. We miss her terribly. It's a big void.

A quote from Excerpt from the letter of Aline Ruel, one of the victim's daughters

His other daughter, Huguette Ruel, also had a letter read to the court. I lost a part of me. I feel empty. Losing your mother this way is unforgivable, she wrote.

I see the scene every day. Seeing your own mother on the ground in a pool of blood is something you never forget.

A quote from Huguette Ruel, daughter of the victim

The murderer wanted to express his remorse to Ms. Perron-Ruel's family. A letter he wrote was read by his lawyer in court. I regret and I am ashamed. I apologize for my actions. I am deeply sorry and very sad about what happened, he wrote.

For his part, Judge Villeneuve had harsh words towards Dostie-Pouliot. The accused attempted to cover up his crime by getting rid of the weapon and initially giving a false version to the police. Since then, he has mended his ways and collaborated with justice, among other things, by admitting his guilt with regard to the charge brought against him, he said.

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