“Mulan”: interesting facts about the new film adaptation of the cartoon from Disney

“Mulan”: interesting facts about the new film adaptation of the cartoon from Disney

Mulan. Still from the film

On Tuesday, September 8, a pre-premiere screening of the film “Mulan” took place in the capital's cinema “Planet Kino”.

Mulan is the eldest daughter of the courageous warrior Hua. She is fearless and very brave.

In the period of adolescence, the Northern invaders approach China. The Emperor issues an order for one person from each family to go to war. Mulan is going to join the army in place of his ailing father.

LeMonade picked interesting facts about the film.

The film is based on Song of Mulan, a Chinese poem written in the 6th century. Since then, it has been reimagined hundreds of times.

The creators relied more on the historical basis of the legend of Hua Mulan than on the 1998 painting. It is a serious drama film and has fewer songs than traditional Disney fiction.

Mulan. Still from the film

For their filming, the filmmakers invited stunt teams from China, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, New Zealand and Australia. On average, combat scenes usually involved the main characters of the film and about a hundred people from the crowd, including the horsemen.

In the filming of the film, 90 horses were involved, including the horse that played Mulan, the Black Whirlwind.

The song for the film was written by Christina Aguilera. It is called the same as the slogan of the picture – “Loyal brave true”.

Mulan. Still from the film

For the film, about 4,000 weapons were manufactured, including plastic and rubber weapons for the safe fight of the actors.

About 40 people have been sewing suits for 3 months. More than 1104 headdresses were created, 1114 complete costumes for extras were sewn, 590 complete costumes for employees of the Imperial Palace, 100 complete costumes for the villagers where Mulan lived, 281 complete sets of medieval Chinese armor were created, 730 sets of armor of the Jujans army, and three to five costumes were made for each of the 50 main characters.

LeMonade also offers a trailer for the Mulan movie:

The premiere of the film in Ukraine is scheduled for September 10, 2020.

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