MPs launch “Balance ton sport”, a platform for testimonies on violence

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#METOO Thirty deputies will work for six months within this investigative body

Deputies launch “Balance ton sport », a platform for testimonies on violence

The National Assembly during a session of questions to the government (illustration). — Jacques Witt/SIPA

A platform to collect testimonies from victims of violence in the sporting world, called “Balance ton sport”, was launched. posted online on Wednesday as part of a commission of inquiry of the National Assembly.

It « has a vocation to accompany the momentum of liberation of speech and to shed light on the work of the commission of inquiry into failings in the sports movement, launched in July at the request of environmentalists who underline, in their press release, that revelations “sexual and sexist violence” have affected “almost all disciplines”.

Six months of work by 30 deputies

“We receive a number of testimonies, messages from people who wish to express themselves on situations of violence experienced within clubs, licenses and federations. This is a sign that the need to speak, and moreover to be listened to, remains urgent,” argued environmentalist MP Sabrina Sebaihi, rapporteur of this commission.

Its work “cannot be done without fully listening to the citizens affected by this violence”, added Deputy Béatrice Bellamy (Horizons, presidential majority), president of the commission and associated with the launch of the platform.

Testimonies of victims of violence, “physical or psychological”, may be filed on the website. They will be consultable by the 30 deputies who are members of the investigative body, who will make recommendations to the public. the outcome of their work should last a maximum of six months.