Motorway: “I don't see the problem…” Those motorists who prefer driving in the middle lane

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YOUR LIFE, YOUR OPINION Driving in the center lane at all times on three-lane roads is common practice but not permitted. Motorists solicited by “20 Minutes” assume. And many others get annoyed

Highway : “ I don't see the problem…” Those motorists who prefer to drive on the du milieu

Summer crossover on the A8 motorway, in Cagnes-sur-Mer (illustration). — Syspeo/Sipa

  • The French Highway Code obliges you to drive on the right in normal mode, even on three-lane roads.
  • Asked by 20 Minutes, readers admit that they prefer to squat the central path. And they explain.
  • Some put forward a safety argument, others admit that they thought the right lane was reserved for slow vehicles.

This weekend is considered like the last great crossover summer vacation road trip. And there is no doubt that lovers of the central lane will still be numerous at this time. stand out. You know, those motorists who, imperturbable, decide to make their journey while remaining stalled; well in the middle on the roads to grave; three lanes, usually a freeway. It doesn't matter if the right lane is empty, they continue on their way to the center. Rather widespread, this behavior is however strictly prohibited by the Highway Code. This stipulates that driving is always carried out on the right edge of the road, except in the event of overtaking (on the left only, let us remind you in passing). We asked our readers on this funny habit. And at Believe the many responses received, the subject does not leave you indifferent.

First of all, there are the centrists who take responsibility. Like Hamid, 70: “It’s to avoid any obstacles on the straight. For example a breakdown or an accident”. Ou Paul, 43: “It’s still much more comfortable to stay in the middle. We overtake all the trucks without taking any risks. You don’t fear the vehicle that tumbles into your blind spot.” “It allows me to avoid doing zigzags,” said Jacques, 71. Laurent, 50, claims conduct “””” the American” where “Everyone chooses their path according to their abilities or type of vehicle” “In the middle I have better visibility. and also better security. Ça also allows me to avoid users entering the highway. I have the choice of avoiding left or right by staying behind. the maximum authorized speed,” he justifies.

“I thought we had a choice”

“Frankly, I don’t understand why çit seems to bother so many people. If we drive at the right speed I do not see the problem. I even think it’s safer for everyone”, Jérémy, 38, is convinced. Denis, 34, makes the same safety argument. For him, the right lane should be reserved for “trucks, motorhomes, slow or overloaded vehicles” “everyone who rides 130” and the one on the left to the “cretins in Audi who feel obliged to overtake with the left turn signal on” “In the real world where the qualification and the level of attention of the drivers are excessively low, this distribution is clearly more effective than the established rule, he believes. Not understanding ça means refusing to see the current behavior of drivers: 700,000 without a license, alcohol, narcotics, smartphone, inattention… Requiring these drivers to perform all of these maneuvers and associated checks is just irresponsible.”

Among the followers of the central path, there are also those who take refuge behind a lack of knowledge, admitting that they were unaware that staying in the middle was not allowed. “On the contrary, I thought that we should leave the right lane to slow vehicles,” said Cerise, 31. “I thought we had the choice to drive in the middle since on the highway there are often lorries with cars. right. For me, the three paths are justified as ça”, is also surprised Sébastien, 42 years old. Others question the reading of the Highway Code. “I’ve never heard of a ticket for someone squatting in the middle lane. I think it’s a point in the Highway Code that should be clarified,” Cerise adds. “The regulations should allow you to stay on the left lane if you're driving at speed. the maximum authorized speed. No more speeding,” insists Ronald, 70.

“A new sign should be created”

But the contributions most received per 20 Minutescome from motorists annoyed, even frankly annoyed, by this practice. Fans of the central lane are decked out with more or less flowery qualifiers, in particular “”egoïsts”. “Driving 60,000km a year for my job, I frequently encounter these types of individuals. I would love for these people to are followed by the blue car with the flashing light. It’s almost more dangerous than speeding.” Once again, the security argument is often brandished. “When you have to double down on that kind of energy, you’ve got to double it. to cut two lanes so as not to put yourself in the wrong by overtaking on the right! Which adds danger when there is no need,” explains Romain, 37, summarizing a bit the general thinking of his camp. “This attitude can lead to serious slowdowns,” adds Roberto.

Many complain about the lack of controls and sanctions. “This behavior is not reprimanded enough;” by the police, plague Alain, 64 years old. We should either create a new sign reminding us that in France we must drive at a high speed. right, or paint to road signs at regular intervals inviting motorists to fall back.” The refusal to fall back on the right lane can lead to a second class fine, i.e. a fine of 35 euros, without loss of points.