Motorcyclist murdered an IDU official who claimed him for getting on a platform in Bogotá

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The alleged perpetrator of the homicide would have been captured by the authorities and is in the process of being prosecuted

Motorcyclist murdered an IDU official who claimed him for getting on a platform in Bogotá

Capture of the alleged murderer of an IDU official

A new act of violence was recorded in Bogotá and claimed the life of an officialInstitute of Urban Development (IDU). Apparently, a motorcyclist attacked the official after he called his attention to his behavior on the road by invading the pedestrian sidewalk in the Pontevedra neighborhood, north of the city.

The IDU indicated that the victim was Cristián Andrés Mesa Lemus, who was 29 years old, a native of Valledupar, and worked on the 116th Street Sidewalks and Bike Paths project in the town of Usaquén, where he was on the morning of this Saturday, November 5.


The young man was helped by the workers and colleagues who were at the construction site at the time and was later transferred to the Shaio Clinic. However, the wound that occurred in the chest caused his death seconds later and he arrived at the clinic without vital signs.

“It is very sad that such a young person loses his life in this way. Workers in public works are human beings who struggle to get ahead and as one more public servant they are contributing to the development of our city. There are more than 11,000 women and men who are exposed to the inconveniences of the works every day and all citizens must recognize and thank their work,” said the director of the IDU, Diego Sánchez Fonseca.

According to the Metropolitan Police of Bogotá, the event occurred around 8:26 on Saturday morning. At that moment, the sector's quadrant received the call due to a fight and when they arrived, they found that a group of approximately 80 workers were lynching a man.

Motorcyclist murdered an IDU official who claimed him for getting on a platform in Bogotá

Everything seems to indicate that the construction workers arrested the aggressor, who was identified as Esneider Rojas Torrado, 32 years old, who would have a current process for illegal possession of firearms. The uniformed officers safeguarded him to avoid lynching and received a report that he had attacked the IDU official minutes before.

Due to this information, the uniformed Police officers captured the subject in flagrante delicto. , along with the screwdriver about 30 centimeters with the attacked the victim; and transferred him to the Immediate Reaction Unit of the town of Usaquén to proceed with his prosecution for the crime of homicide.

Precisely this work that is being carried out in the town of Usaquén aims to provide better public space for citizens, as well as safety for cyclists and pedestrians. This new cycle path will have an extension of 3.3 kilometers that will benefit more than 2 million people who travel through this corridor every day.

According to the security report presented by Mayor Claudia López, as of October 31, 841 homicides were registered in the city, which shows a reduction of 11.8% compared to the same period last year and an increase of 1.7% compared to 2019.

As for personal injuries, this crime neither increases nor decreases in the city. In the first 10 months of the year, 18,901 cases have been registered in the city. The mayor maintains that all crimes, except theft of people and cell phones, have dropped in the indicators. She pointed out that 1,500 more police officers are expected this year to improve the attention of the authorities throughout the city.