“Motor Sich” will produce a light helicopter for the army of Ukraine

Engineers of the Ukrainian enterprise “Motor Sich” are engaged in the creation of the new helicopter for the army of the country. The novelty will occupy the empty place in the line of light helicopters in the state.

«Мотор Сич» выпустит легкий вертолет для армии Украины

At the moment the company “Motor Sich” has only a special helicopter-laboratory, which can provide good assistance in the evaluation of the technical parameters of the developed air machine. In the laboratory are giving the ability to capture certain characteristics of the sensors and simulator drag. In addition, the laboratory is equipped with specialized farms for the purpose of hosting a combat arms to assess the effectiveness of such tools.

Platform new project engineers of the company “Motor Sich” is Mi-2MSB, better known as the upgraded modification of the Soviet MI-2. Works helicopter engine AI-450M-B, the production editor of Ukraine, as well as improved avionics.

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