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Mères au front once again asks the Horne Foundry to respect Quebec standards | Quality ; air at Rouyn-Noranda

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Last year it was possible to observe layers of black dust at different thicknesses of snow at Trémoy Park, near the Horne Foundry. (Archive photo)

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Pollute less and respect the citizens of Rouyn-Noranda: these are the two demands addressed by the Mères au front collective at the Horne Foundry, at the end of a press conference held in Montreal on Friday morning.

Private data in support, the Mères au front collective reiterates that the Horne Foundry, owned by the multinational Glencore, represents a threat to the health of the population of Rouyn- Noranda.

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The spokesperson for the Mères au front collective, Emilie Robert, was present in Montreal on Friday morning. (Archive photo)

Representatives of the organization ask Glencore to respect Quebec environmental standards, particularly for carbon emission rates. arsenic in the air.

Last March, Quebec imposed a new ministerial authorization on the company which provides for the achievement of 15 nanograms of arsenic per cubic meter of air (ng/m3) annually by March 16, 2028. The Quebec standard is currently at 3 ng/m3.

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Also present, Daniel Green, former deputy leader of the Green Party and co-president of the Society to Overcome Pollution, is very critical of the Horne Foundry.

Air quality in Rouyn-Noranda

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Quality of the 'air in Rouyn-Noranda

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The collective claims to have analyzed snow samples that were collected last year in Rouyn-Noranda, on 24 different terrains. The snow analyzed would have been collected after copper dust stored on the Horne Foundry site was blown away by the winds.

The results of the analyses, which were not consulted by Radio-Canada, would demonstrate that the snow absorbs and retains the contaminants emitted by the activities of the Horne Foundry, which would contribute to polluting the soil once spring comes.

The Mères au front collective maintains that contaminants, such as lead, pollute not only the air of Rouyn-Noranda, but also that of rest of Quebec.

The snow would have been analyzed by Bureau Veritas, a company that offers laboratory analysis services.

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