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Moscow cannotê be defeated in Ukraine, says Putin

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Russian President Vladimir Putin granted an interview to Tucker Carlson in Moscow.

Agence France-Presse

Russian President Vladimir Putin told the x27;star host of the American right Tucker Carlson, in a long interview broadcast Thursday, that a defeat of Russia in Ukraine was “impossible”.

In this message of more than two hours to America and the West, which often took the form of a very subjective history lesson, the Russian president also said rule out the idea of ​​invading Poland or Latvia, two countries in which his country has no interests.

So far, there have been the rants and cries about [the need] to inflict a strategic defeat on Russia on the battlefield, he told the former Fox News headliner in a large room where the two men sat facing each other in white armchairs.

But now we seem to realize that this is difficult, if not impossible, to achieve. In my opinion, this is impossible by definition. That will never happen. It seems to me that those in power in the West are also aware of this, added the Russian president, whose troops invaded Ukraine in February 2022.

If this awareness has been made well, they must think about what comes next. We are ready for this dialogue, he assured. The words of the master of the Kremlin, who spoke in Russian, were dubbed in English.

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Russian President Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin also affirmed that it was possible to find an agreement for the release of American journalist Evan Gershkovich, detained in Russia for almost a year.

I believe an agreement can be reached, he said. There is no taboo to resolve this issue. We are ready to resolve it, but some terms are being discussed through special service channels.

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The Russian president, whose interview is the first given to a Western journalist since the start of the war in Ukraine, also said he ruled out an invasion of Poland or Latvia.

Can you imagine a scenario in which you send Russian troops to Poland? asked Tucker Carlson, a close friend of former US President Donald Trump.

Only in one scenario: if Poland attacks Russia, Mr. Putin replied.

We have no interests in Poland, Latvia or elsewhere. Why would we do this? We simply have no interest […]. There is no question of it, he added.

Vladimir Putin affirmed that the American presidential election, planned on November 5 and which should pit Republican Donald Trump against Democrat Joe Biden, would not change relations between the United States and Russia.

You just asked me if anything would change if another leader came in. It's not a question of who the leader is, of the personality of a particular person, Putin said.

Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin are full of praise for each other. Mr. Trump boasted, without elaborating, that he could resolve the war in Ukraine in 24 hours if he is re-elected.

President Biden has described his Russian counterpart as a war criminal and shows unwavering support for Kiev.

Tucker Carlson announced in a big way rumor this week that he was interviewing Vladimir Putin.

Russian state media covered the presenter's visit extensively, including publishing photos of him at the airport and the famous Bolshoi Theater.

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