Moscow authorities have commented on the plans to isolate people with immunity to the coronavirus

In Moscow, a proposal was made to send to the exclusion of people who have developed immunity to coronavirus. This call was voiced by experts of the Clinical Committee against COVID-19 in the Metropolitan Desgraves, however, city authorities denied the information.

Власти Москвы прокомментировали планы изолировать людей с иммунитетом к коронавирусу

The document contains a recommendation after the mass testing of Moscow residents for the presence of coronavirus to send on a two-week quarantine of those who have found antibodies to the SARS-CoV-2. It does not specify why exactly these persons in need of such limitation, reports “Kommersant”. In the report of the Committee contains data that, when checking people for the presence of immunity will be possible to detect those who have the disease are asymptomatic or mild.

The recommendations provide that if the index of IgM in humans is greater than one, it can serve as evidence of the “immunological response” of the body to the threat. Isolation can last from two to three weeks. If IgG is greater than or equal to ten, it is also recommended quarantine if the individual is not diagnosed COVID-19. Subsequently the Moscow authorities spoke about situation. They denied the existence of currently plans to apply insulation to people with antibodies to coronavirus.

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