Morphom dedicated a song to the deceased on to the nephew's front

Morphom dedicated the song to the nephew who died at the front

Musician and sound producer Morphom presented the dedication song “Cossack's Strength”. Ethnic motifs combined with the sound of a pipe, strong male emotion and a sensual text that resonates from the first lines are not all that will touch the soul of the artist's new work.

“Strength of the Cossack” is a story close to many Ukrainians , which Morphom put into strings. The song demonstrates the strength of the Ukrainian people and, in particular, the soldiers who defend our country. According to the musician, before writing the musical  his work was inspired by PROBASS ∆ HARDI's track “Good evening, we are from Ukraine”, which demonstrates a strong national spirit.

“The idea of ​​the song and the first verse arose two days before the start of the full-scale war in Ukraine,  then I did not know that the war would begin. The beginning of terrible events postponed work on the song, and on June 19, my nephew Dmytro Dyachenko died at the front. Recovering from the shock,  I decided to finish the song and dedicate it to Dmytro.” – says the singer.

It is interesting that the shooting of the video lasted only two hours, and Morphom and his wife acted as operators, directors and actors. The video work conveys to us a strong emotion, which the author put into the lines, and the national costumes and dark background reflect the beauty and at the same time the strength of the Ukrainian nation.

“Two people were present at the video shooting: me and my wife. We put the camera on a tripod and turned on the lights and music – two hours was enough time for everything. This is probably one of my fastest shoots.” – the musician shares.

Morphom admits that he is ashamed to show this song to people, they say that painful questions will begin for him: “Is the story in the text true?” , “Aren't you hyping on a military topic?”, etc. But the singer believes that everything does not happen by chance, and if the song goes out into the world, then so be it, it will be a manifestation of his strength – “Cossack forces”.

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