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“More than a friend”: an unexpected duet of artists YAROMIYA and ALEKSEEV

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr11,2024

"More than a friend": an unexpected duet of artists YAROMIYA and ALEKSEEV


Ukrainian singer YAROMIYA presented an unexpected duet with the favorite of millions – ALEKSEEV. The artists sang the lyrical track “More than a friend”.

The lyrical composition “More than a friend” is about unforgettable, touching, poignant emotions of love. Watch the incredible clip on YouTube.

According to the artists, the song will help express the most sincere feelings to their partners.

We have a cool manifesto of all lovers. If love could be a song, it would definitely be “More than a friend”. I am sure that our song will accompany people's happy moments, for some it will even become the main song of a wedding or an accompaniment for the most romantic dates, – YAROMIYA said.

The video for the track “More than a friend” has been released very romantic and relaxed, but at the same time the picture turned out full and interesting. Love became the main aesthetic of the video.

This song is about that most cherished moment when the time has come to say: you are more than a friend to me, because I love you. It is about the feeling of goosebumps and butterflies in the stomach. In our difficult period, love saves, prolongs life and becomes its meaning. Find time for feelings, live every moment to the fullest, – ALEKSEEV shared.

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