More than 6 thousand Russians must leave Latvia

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Over 6 thousand Russians must leave Latvia

Illustrative photo from open sources

In In September, thousands of Russians who are in Latvia will receive letters from the Directorate for Citizenship and Migration with a request to leave the country. Those who do not comply with this request within three months may be deported from Latvia.

This was reported by the Latvian publication LSM with reference to the words of Ingmars Lidaka, chairman of the Sejm Commission on Citizenship, Migration and Social Cohesion.&nbsp ;

He explained that we are talking about Russians who did not even try to pass the check to obtain the status of a permanent resident of the European Union.

These persons did not appear for the exam in Latvian language and did not extend the validity of the temporary residence permit in the country. According to Lidaka, the number of such persons is about six thousand. 

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Latvia confirmed that they are preparing letters to Russians asking them to leave the country. After receiving this document, they will lose their right to reside in Latvia and will have three months to leave its borders.

Deputy State Secretary of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Vilnis Vitolinsh stated that if such a Russian continues to stay in Latvia after the three-month period, his can be fined. He also assured that the police will not hunt anyone.

Prepared by: Serhiy Daga