Mon. Feb 26th, 2024

More than 500 members of the FIQ march, in Trois-Rivières

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Despite the cold, many demonstrators showed up be up early to denounce the management of the CIUSSS MCQ establishment.

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CIUSSS MCQ healthcare professionals begin the first day of their local strike mandate today, in Trois-Rivières. 200 union members from the region affiliated with the FIQ march towards a rally in front of the Regional University Affiliated Hospital Center (CHAUR).

Several unions and union members from across the province are joining in support of the protesters, as many other local picket lines take place in several cities today.

By way of a press release, the healthcare professionals of the CIUSSS MCQ believe that the management of the hospital center has unilaterally modified their working conditions through imposed department mergers and compulsory weekends.

The interim FIQ-SPSMCQ president, Patricia Mailhot, indicates that nurses, practical nurses and respiratory therapists are not exchangeable pawns.

She adds that its members provide care to humans and that they become experts in their specialties. Patricia Mailhot specifies that professionals cannot, however, be experts in all areas and therefore recalls that it is necessary to provide safe care.

For example, Patricia Mailhot explains that nurses from the Family Medicine Group (GMF) of Bécancour, Nicolet and Yamaska ​​will be merged with emergency units. Public health nurses, who work in schools or sexual health clinics, will have to return to work in CHSLDs.

Nurses are afraid and are not qualified to do this. It's not at all the same type of care.

A quote from Patricia Mailhot, interim president FIQ-SPSMCQ

For the moment, Patricia Mailhot maintains that no negotiations are planned with the government this weekend. She nevertheless points out that it is a historic day which sends a strong message to the management of the CIUSSS MCQ.

She concludes by adding that her union is willing to collaborate and go the extra mile, but not in the way that is imposed.

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