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The deleted positions do not concern direct services to citizens.

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The first effects of the shortfall in the financing of public transport companies in Quebec are starting to be felt. Employees of the Société de transport de Laval (STL) were recently informed that 41 positions will be eliminated for the 2024 budget year.

In a message sent to STL employees on November 21 and of which Radio-Canada obtained a copy, general director Josée Roy announced the abolition of 41 positions with the least potential impact on the achievement of the STL's mission and objectives .

As a result, jobs directly related to the delivery of the service are maintained. The layoffs only concern so-called administrative positions or those related to the implementation of projects, wrote Ms. Roy, while evoking a trying decision for our organization and for the managers who had to convey this news to their teams.

The STL did not wish to grant an interview. By email, however, spokesperson Anne-Sophie Harrois says 31 positions were unfilled jobs or unreplaced retirements.

The other 10 positions eliminated were occupied by administrative employees. According to its 2022 annual report, the STL had nearly 1,150 employees, including 625 bus drivers.

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On the eve of the adoption of our budget for the year 2024, the worrying economic context experienced by public transport companies is pushing us to make difficult choices.

A quote from Anne-Sophie Harrois, spokesperson of the STL

These cuts come shortly after the end of the standoff between the Legault government and the cities over the sharing of the corporate deficit public transportation in the province for the year 2024.

On November 3, the Minister of Transport and Sustainable Mobility, Geneviève Guilbault, proposed paying $265 million, which according to her corresponded to 70% of the deficit of transport companies.

The cities, for their part, asked the Legault government to absorb 400 million. The mayor of Laval, Stéphane Boyer, did not want to grant an interview about the cuts to the STL.

In writing, however, his press secretary makes a link between these cuts and the contribution deemed insufficient by the Legault government.

In the context of negotiations with the government which were difficult for 2024, the mayor made requests to the STL to find savings without reducing service.

A quote from Rébecca Guénard- Chouinard, press secretary to the mayor of Laval

Even if 31 of the 41 positions eliminated at the STL were vacant, the organization assures that they were not superfluous.

The vacancies in question are primarily attributable to the natural turnover of an organization (resignations, retirements and internal movements) in a job market currently marked by labor shortages. work, indicates the STL spokesperson.

The anticipated deficit of all Quebec transportation companies combined is estimated at $2.5 billion over the next five years.

Several times in recent weeks, Minister Geneviève Guilbault has raised questions about the sound management of transport companies, even going so far as to announce the holding of audits in order to restructure their financing.

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