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More than 300 Indians confined in an airport in France

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Paris-Vatry airport, located in northeastern France, has been closed since Thursday due to a plane being grounded on the tarmac for “suspicions of human trafficking”.

Agence France-Presse

A covered reception hall, camp beds and mobile toilets: more than 300 Indians remained confined on Saturday evening in an airport in eastern France where the authorities, who suspect “human trafficking”, x27;human beings”, have been grounding their flights since Thursday.

The 303 passengers have remained since Thursday evening inside the reception hall of Vatry airport, transformed by the authorities into a waiting area for foreigners. Judicial hearings must be held there from Sunday at 9 a.m. local time, to extend, if necessary, their stay on site, Me Pascal Guillaume, the lawyer at the head of the Reims Bar.

Among these passengers are 11 unaccompanied minors, said the Paris prosecutor's office. The adults, for their part, were all interviewed by the authorities and ten passengers had submitted an asylum request at the end of the afternoon, said a source close to the case.

Their plane, an Airbus A340 from the Romanian company Legend Airlines, was initially scheduled to connect Dubai (United Arab Emirates) to Managua, capital of Nicaragua.

However, what was only supposed to be a technical stopover on the runway of this small airport located 150 kilometers east of Paris has transformed since Thursday afternoon into a long immobilization after a report anonymous according to which passengers were likely to be victims of human trafficking, the Paris prosecutor's office told AFP on Friday.

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In front of the terminal, a row of white tarpaulins hides the bay window of the departures terminal.

According to a source familiar with the matter, the Indian passengers, probably workers in the United Arab Emirates, may have planned to travel to Central America in order to then attempt to enter the United States or Canada illegally.

Begun on Friday evening, the police custody of two passengers was extended on Saturday evening for a maximum period of 48 hours, indicated the Paris prosecutor's office, in order to check whether the role of these two people may have been different from that of the others in this transport, under what conditions and with what objective.

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The investigation which was opened aims to verify whether any elements would corroborate suspicions of human trafficking, according to the prosecution.

Investigators have checked the identity of passengers and staff on board and are verifying the conditions and objectives of transport of these people, he said.

The thirty members of the crew, 15 for the Dubai-Vatry connection and 14 or 15 for the Vatry-Managua route, were interviewed and authorized to leave freely, told AFP Liliana Bakayoko, who introduces herself as the airline's lawyer.

Legend Airlines has only carried out a few flights on this route, always for the same non-European customer, she added, specifying that the company intends to file a civil suit if proceedings are brought by the ministry. public or file a complaint otherwise.

The Indian embassy in France indicated on Saturday on the Twitter) that it is working to quickly resolve the situation, adding that consular staff are on site.

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The police are carrying out an investigation to verify the identity of passengers.

Tarpaulins have been installed in front of the bay windows of the airport reception hall as well as on the administrative buildings. Access remained blocked by the police and the gendarmerie on Saturday morning, noted an AFP journalist.

The law provides that if he arrives in France by plane and is refused boarding to his country of destination, a foreigner can be kept in a waiting zone for a maximum of four days by the police at the borders.

This detention can be extended by eight days by a detention and liberty judge, then by an additional eight days in exceptional circumstances. At most, depending on appeals, retention in the reception area can reach 26 days.

Individual beds have been made available passengers, as well as toilets and showers, indicates the prefecture, which specifies that a "family" to ensure parent-child privacy has been provided. Three meals per day [are] provided by state services, she adds.

According to the site specializing in Flightradar, Legend Airlines is a small company whose fleet is made up of four aircraft, including two A340-313s.

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