More than 30 thousand Hasidim will come to Uman, although they were asked to refrain from

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More than 30 thousand Hasidim will come to Uman, even though they were asked to refrain from praying

According to the assessment of the State Service of Ukraine of ethnopolitics and freedom of conscience, more than 30 thousand Hasidic pilgrims intend to come to Uman in September for Rosh Hashanah.

This is reported by the State Service of Ukraine for Ethnopolitics and Freedom of Conscience.

"Despite persistent recommendations for pilgrims to refrain from going to Uman as much as possible, given the war, regular massive shelling of our country and possible provocations from Russia, Hasidim perceive this journey as their religious duty. It is natural that the arrival of such a large number of refugees to a warring country requires serious security, logistical, medical and sanitary and other measures on the part of state authorities”.

Representatives of city and regional authorities, law enforcement agencies, border guards, diplomats and customs officers  informed about the readiness to receive more than 30 thousand pilgrims.

According to the report of the service, the mayor of Uman Iryna Pletnyova noted that it is practically impossible to protect such a number of people, who are concentrated in a relatively small area, with shelters from shelling.


However, it is noted that both the central and local authorities have accumulated considerable experience in the organization of simpler things and managed to settle issues that seemed intractable. This year, a website and a hotline were organized for Hasidic pilgrims in Uman.

Rosh HaShana – the Jewish New Year, which is celebrated on two consecutive days on the new moon of the autumn month of Tishrei according to the Jewish calendar. From this day, the counting of the days of the new Jewish year begins.

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