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More than 25,000 Palestinians have died since the beginning of the war goal of Israel's war in Gaza | Middle East, the eternal conflict

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No respite for the Gaza Strip continually bombarded by the Israeli army.

Agence France-Presse

The Israeli army shelled the Gaza Strip on Sunday Gaza, where the human toll has exceeded 25,000 deaths according to Hamas, on the 107th day of the war for control of the small Palestinian territory, which is exacerbating regional tensions.

Israel must ensure that Gaza no longer poses a threat, which contradicts the demand for Palestinian sovereignty, repeated its Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in a new rejection of American, European and UN calls for the creation of a Palestinian state.

On the ground on Sunday, Hamas, which took power in Gaza in 2007, reported dozens of airstrikes and artillery fire, particularly around the Nasser and Al-Amal hospitals in Khan Younes, the large city. in the south, now the epicenter of the fighting.

Dozens of bodies are still under the rubble, according to the Palestinian Islamist movement, which puts the number of people killed at 178 in the last 24 hours. The Israeli army announced that it had eliminated terrorists in Khan Younis.

The army also resumed operations around the Jabaliya refugee camp in the far north of Gaza, witnesses said.

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A Palestinian man sits near a house destroyed by Israeli bombing in the Nusseirat refugee camp.

Middle East, the eternal conflict

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Middle East, the eternal conflict

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The war was sparked by the Hamas attack on Israeli soil on October 7, which resulted in the deaths of 1,140 people, mostly civilians, according to an AFP count based on official figures. Israelis.

Some 250 people were kidnapped and taken to Gaza during the attack, with around 100 released at the end of November. According to Israel, 132 hostages are still in the territory, among whom at least 27 are believed to have been killed, according to the same count.

The army said on Saturday that it had discovered a tunnel in Khan Younes with evidence of the presence of hostages, including drawings made by a captive child of five years.

Around twenty hostages were locked up there at different times, without daylight, with little oxygen and terrible humidity, according to her.

The same day, she dropped leaflets identifying the hostages and calling for any information about them on Rafah, in the far south of Gaza, where displaced people who had fled the fighting were crowded.

To be informed of the latest developments in this conflict engulfing the Middle East, consult our live coverage.

The military operations carried out by Israel to annihilate Hamas in Gaza have caused the deaths of 25,105 people, the vast majority of them women, children and adolescents, according to the latest report on Sunday from the Hamas Ministry of Health.

At least 1.7 of the approximately 2.4 million inhabitants of the small besieged territory have had to leave their homes, according to the UN, and the population is missing of everything, exposed to the risk of famine and epidemics, warns the UN.

According to the Hamas Ministry of Health, there has been no progress in increasing humanitarian aid to Gaza.

Sunday, dozens of displaced people, cans in hand, waited during a water distribution organized by Doctors Without Borders in Rafah, in the far south of Gaza, where hundreds of thousands of displaced refugees, AFP noted.

Saturday in Turkey, Hamas leader Ismaïl Haniyeh, based in Qatar, discussed with the head of Turkish diplomacy, Hakan Fidan, the establishment of #x27;a ceasefire in Gaza as quickly as possible, increased humanitarian aid, the release of hostages and a two-state solution for permanent peace, according to diplomatic sources.

The Netanyahu government remains deaf to international calls for a humanitarian ceasefire, vowing to prolong the war until total victory against Hamas, classified as terrorist by Israel, the United States and the Union European.

In Tel Aviv, thousands of Israelis demonstrated on Saturday to demand the departure of the prime minister, accused of wanting above all to maintain power.

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Demonstrators protest against the government of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Tel Aviv. (File photo)

British Defense Minister Grant Shapps on Sunday found Benjamin Netanyahu's new rejection of a two-state solution, the only option in London's eyes to resolve the conflict, disappointing.

The war is exacerbating tensions between Israel and the axis of resistance, which brings together Hamas, Lebanese Hezbollah and the Yemeni Houthi rebels around Iran.

Iranian President Ebrahim Raïssi threatened Israel with reprisals after the death on Saturday of at least five Iranian soldiers in Damascus in a strike attributed to Israel by the Revolutionary Guards, Tehran's ideological army.

According to Iranian media, the head of the Guards' intelligence in Syria is among the victims .

The Israeli army declined any comment.

At the Israeli-Lebanese border where exchanges of fire are daily, a civilian and a member of the Hezbollah were killed in an Israeli strike, according to the official ANI agency and Hezbollah.

In western Iraq, 15 rockets targeted a base housing American troops, according to Iraqi and American officials. The attack was claimed by the Islamic Resistance in Iraq, a nebula of fighters from pro-Iran armed groups.

And the United States have once again launched new strikes against Houthi sites, in the face of repeated attacks on merchant ships by these rebels off the coast of Yemen.

The West Bank, Palestinian territory occupied by Israel since 1967, is experiencing a resurgence of violence, at a level not seen in nearly 20 years. The Israeli army has carried out deadly operations there in recent days and destroyed two family homes in Hebron belonging to Palestinian fighters.

According to the Palestinian Authority, since October 7 at least 364 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli soldiers or settlers in the West Bank, separated from Gaza through Israeli territory.

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