More than 108 million sq. m of housing is being built in Russia, most of them are apartment buildings - research From IFX

More than 108 million sq. m of housing are being built now in Russia, calculated experts of the Unified Resource of Developers (ERZ).

“In the territory of the Russian Federation as of December 2022, 10,060 houses under construction by developers (hereinafter referred to as houses under construction) were identified. (…) 2,181,338 residential buildings are being built in these houses units (apartments, blocks, apartments), the total area of ​​which is 108,212,688 sq.m,” the study says.

Most of the space under construction is multi-apartment buildings (95.9%). Next come houses with apartments – 3.8%, as well as detached houses – 0.4%.

Analysts specify that 17.4% of the area is being built in Moscow, 8.9% – Moscow region, 8, 5% – St. Petersburg. The Krasnodar Territory also made the list in terms of area – 8.3%.

According to experts, the largest amount of “squares” falls on houses, the construction of which was allowed in 2021. They are 27.3%.

In 2023, developers want to put into operation or transfer to equity holders under equity participation agreements more than 48 million square meters of housing. As for the postponement of commissioning dates, most of them occurred in 2022. This is 25.3% of the total planned commissioning of housing. On average, the commissioning of housing or the transfer of premises to equity holders is postponed for 7.5 months.

Analysts also studied the average number of storeys of houses. So, now they are building an average of 13-storey buildings. The largest share in terms of area of ​​residential buildings under construction is occupied by houses with a height of 18-24 floors (28.8%).

The average living area of ​​an apartment in a house under construction in Russia is 49.6 “squares”.

< p> Sq.m costs an average of 156,614 rubles. The most expensive “square” is in Moscow (328,529 rubles), and the cheapest is in Dagestan (41,183 rubles).


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