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More than $1,000 worth of butter stolen in Guelph

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In total, Guelph police recovered some 144 sticks of butter and ghee. (Archive photo)


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Three Brampton men were arrested with more than $1,000 worth of stolen butter in their possession.

Guelph police were called to a grocery store on the city's south side where two men were seen leaving the store after placing a case of butter in a grocery cart.

Officers checked nearby parking lots where they found the vehicle outside of another grocery store. The two men in the car were arrested. A third was arrested as he left the store.

A witness reported seeing the third suspect abandon his grocery cart outside the store, according to police.

Officers found some butter stolen from the grocery cart in question.

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In total, the police recovered some 144 sticks of butter and ghee [clarified butter, Editor's note] .

Three men aged 40, 29 and 25 were arrested and charged with theft totaling less than $5,000.

One ​​of the suspects was also charged with obstruction of justice for providing a false identity. The three were released pending a court date.

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