More problems for the Viña del Mar Festival: Maná canceled his show due to Fher Olvera's health difficulties

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A few days after their presentation, the Mexican band confirmed that they will not attend due to an injury to their leader

More problems for the Viña del Mar Festival: Maná canceled its show due to Fher Olvera's health problems


Cristián Torresfrom Santiago, Chile

More problems for the Viña del Mar Festival Mar: Maná canceled his show due to Fher Olvera's health difficulties

The pop rock and ballad band will not be part of the 62nd edition of the Viña de Mar Festival, due to complications in the health of its vocalist.

Through a statement published on their social networks, the Mexican pop rock band, Maná, confirmed the definitive cancellation of their show at the Viña del Mar International Festival , where they would appear on the night of Monday, February 20. This is due, as they stated, to health problems of the vocalist, Fher Olvera, who suffered a knee injury in 2022, as part of a tour.Likewise, the concert that was agreed for February 23 in the capital Santiago, has also been cancelled.

“The announced performance of the Mexican group Maná, in the contest on February 20, February, it has been canceled for health reasons”, informed the organizers of the largest musical event of the summer in Latin America. “The artist's production sent the organizers a brief statement announcing the reasons that forced them to make this unfortunate decision. ‘It is with great sadness that we inform you that, for health reasons, the Maná presentations in Viña del Mar and Santiago will not take place, the same document cited.

“To meet his fans, he continued to tour despite the injury and pain. Earlier this year he underwent surgery in the United States, the doctors' prognosis was a speedy recovery in a couple of weeks. Unfortunately, she has been slower and more complicated, so the doctors have warned her that she will not be able to travel to Chile. He will work even harder in his recovery to be ready for the following commitments”, declared sources close to the Mexican group.


Maná's vocalist, Fher Olvera, suffered a knee injury while on an international tour in 2022.

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Meanwhile, since the production of Viña 2023, they assured that the replacement number will be announced in the next few days. Thus, as soon as this bad news was given to the fans of the band, several Twitter users and specialized media began to launch names of those who could replace them: Ricardo Arjona, Romeo Santos, Myriam Hernández or the Chilean band. Los Bunkers appear as the main replacements.

However, regarding the probable presence of the American singer of Dominican origin, it would not have come to fruition . “The singer's production agreed to attend the event in Viña de Viña. But knowing the complex moment facing the contest -according to local negotiators- demanded a large sum of money for the presentation of the interpreter of 'Indecent Proposal' , which stopped the conversations dead,” they reported.

“Tickets for already purchased will be valid for the new night, while People who want to request a refund, including the service charge, can do so between February 9 and February 18, 2023through the same platform where they were purchased'', they added from the organization.

It should be mentioned that the 2023 edition of the Viña del Mar Festival will begin next Sunday, February 19, and the The event will feature the show of Karol G, Paloma Mami, Alejandro Fernández, Los Jaivas, Fito Páez, Christina Aguilera, Polimá Westcoast, Camilo and Nicki Nicole.

Live orchestra

More problems for the Viña del Mar Festival: Maná canceled its show due to Fher Olvera's health problems

According to many music specialists, the orchestra is fundamental to the Viña del Mar Festival.

The controversy generated after the announcement that, for the first time in six decades, the Viña del Mar Festival would be made with packaged music, which would be recorded from Santiago, therefore it would not have its classical orchestra, lasted one week. However, the event's producers issued a statement in which they confirmed that “after various meetings” the orchestra was concluded, it will be present on the Quinta Vergara stage.

In the text they clarify that “the orchestra with its live musicians will be part of the 62nd edition of the contest”, and that “after various meetings with the actors linked to the event, managed to make the changes and adjustments for the live presentation of the orchestra of the LXII Viña del Mar International Song Festival.”

The statement emphasized that the production together with the organizing channels “will always continue making the greatest efforts to continue strengthening the image of the most important Festival in the Hispanic world and building with a vision of the future and permanence over time”.

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