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Adopted by the council of the Metropolitan Community of Montreal (CMM) on April 28, 2023, this tax aims to diversify sources of revenue.

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Cities will have the right to collect an additional tax on registrations in order to better finance public transport. This tax had been requested by several mayors of the province.

It was really requested more strongly this year by the City of Quebec, assures the Minister of Municipal Affairs, Andrée Laforest, while the bill on municipal taxation was adopted in the National Assembly.

This registration tax, which is part of Bill 39, will offer the right to municipalities and MRCs that offer public transportation services to impose the registration of vehicles based on their gasoline consumption, while as Greater Montreal has already announced (New window).

This power which will be offered to municipalities from 2024 does not pass to the interim head of the Quebec Priority Team while no ceiling is set by Quebec.

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That's the orange tax! It's an orange tax, but we're passing the odiousness onto the municipalities, says Patrick Paquet, interim head of the Quebec Priority Team, indignant, referring to the nickname given by François Legault to the idea of ​​Québec solidaire to tax new energy-intensive vehicles.

“If the CAQ wants to decline further in the polls, let them continue! They are off to a good start with this orange tax,” said Patrick Paquet.

After strongly attacking the Québec solidaire proposal during the electoral campaign, the CAQ authorizes an equivalent tax in the municipal world, according to Patrick Paquet. He deplores the fact that there is no supervision imposed on mayors.

If the mayor of Quebec, Bruno Marchand, assured at the start of the week that an increase in registration fees was not in his short-term plans, Patrick Paquet is convinced that motorists in the suburbs of Quebec will not be not spared by this measure.

It's still in line with the war on automobiles, it's still in line with the mayor who wants to save the planet, who wants to save Antarctica, then who is convinced that people will get rid of #x27;a V8!

A quote from Patrick Paquet, interim head of the Quebec Priority Team

The head of Quebec d& #x27;first of all, Claude Villeneuve is not opposed to this tax which could be required by the Municipality. He is not asking for a ceiling either, unlike Patrick Paquet.

Mr. Villeneuve believes that if a city wants municipal autonomy, it must assume the powers and responsibilities.

However, the head of the first opposition at city hall thinks that the municipal council should instead begin an overall reflection on its taxation to better diversify its income.

It's like we're scavenging and then taking every opportunity we have to get a little more money out of people's pockets!

Claude Villeneuve maintains that ultimately, the Metropolitan Community of Quebec will make the decision to impose a tax on registration. So, it will take a regional consensus to move in that direction.

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Gilles Lehouillier, mayor of Lévis, responded to a question Friday on the tax registration.

Indeed, Gilles Lehouillier, the mayor of Lévis, believes that this tax is an avenue [that the Quebec Metropolitan Community] should not rule out to finance public transportation. Already, in October, he had not closed the door to the idea of ​​increasing the registration tax.

We have not yet started to study this aspect, but it is on the table at the Metropolitan Community, he added.

With information from Olivier Lemieux

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