More discounts at Tesla: Model 3 and Model Y $7,500 off in the US by the end of the year

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More Tesla discounts: US Model 3 and Model Y $7,500 off by year-end

In a decision not to release guidelines on the origin of battery materials until March 2023, the US Treasury gave EV manufacturers a gift of sorts this week: a new $7,500 purchase subsidy will be available from the new year. However, for Tesla buyers, this creates an even stronger incentive to wait — while they could only count on half the subsidy from 2023, they can now count on the full one. Tesla responded to this on Thursday night: Anyone still taking a Model 3 or Model Y in the US in 2022 will receive a $7,500 rebate.

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New Tesla discounts across America

The move appears to be related to the Treasury Department's decision, as earlier in December Tesla introduced a $3,750 rebate on Model 3 and Model Y inventory. force of the new rules, compensated. Instead of the state, the rebate comes from Tesla, which will weigh in on margin until the end of the year. This is still the case, but because in the first few months of 2023, even $7,500 in funding is now twice as tempting.

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However, it should be noted that due to new price restrictions, not all Model 3 and Model Y versions are eligible for funding. The new discount offer applies to them without differentiation, which suggests that Tesla not only wants to convince waiting customers to make a purchase in 2022, but also conducts general promotions with incentives to purchase. Discounts are also available in other US markets and Israel as of Thursday, according to local stakeholders.

Model 3 and Model Y reduced in Europe

In Europe, nothing seems to have changed in this regard — but Tesla has been offering the Model 3 and Model Y from stock at a discounted price since mid-December. The fact that there are more unsold electric vehicles in general, — this change, and they are now sold at a discount to the list price, which in most countries is 3,000 euros. Shortly before this, Tesla also introduced a supercharger power bonus of 10,000 kilometers for all European deliveries through the end of the year. This incentive is valid even for 10,000 miles in the US and in addition to the now increased discount.

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More Tesla discounts: Model 3 and Model Y in the US $7,500 off to end of the year

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