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ae Aw More cloud, security meshes and ethical algorithms: trends for year I of digital immersion - The Times Hub

More cloud, security meshes and ethical algorithms: trends for year I of digital immersion

More cloud, security meshes and ethical algorithms: trends for year I of digital immersion

The future in 2021Photo by wat / Getty

With so much repetition, it has become commonplace. The year of the pandemic has been the year of transformation. An unprecedented digital immersion, forced by a virus that has forced both the economy and society to take refuge at home. The world has lived remotely – and with social distancing – for almost all of 2020. Different technologies, such as cloud computing, cybersecurity, automation, video calls, and e-commerce , have skyrocketed. Others have experienced an unexpected rebirth. There are the QR codes

It is clear that 2020 has been the year we live digitally. The question that arises is whether the next 365 days will pass along the same path or will new trends arise that modify the cruising speed. There is some consensus among experts that the course is already set, without expecting major disruptions. As long as the coronavirus crisis conditions economic and social activity, little change can be expected. However, some technologies are beginning to reappear. And this is what those who know the digital environment have to answer: what is to come in 2021?

More cloud

Although the pandemic has highlighted the need for a cloud structure, migration remains a pending task for a good number of companies . As Bruno Chao, head of Accenture Technology in Spain, Portugal and Israel assures, next year will be marked by an acceleration to move towards the cloud . “The focus of a large part of the investments in technology will undoubtedly be on the transition to cloud computing in all its aspects, such as infrastructure migration, business platforms and native solutions. It is a lever that provides flexibility and accelerates transformation ”, he says.

The cloud will become, if it was not already so long ago, an indispensable technology. Having the necessary work tools anywhere and at any time is crucial , especially if teleworking has just taken hold. Horacio Morell, president of IBM Spain, Portugal, Greece and Israel, explains that only through the cloud do we have the appropriate capabilities to advance the digitization that is to come. “Most companies use multiple public clouds, but they continue to have more than 80% of their applications and critical loads and applications in traditional environments. In addition, they barely take advantage of between 10% and 30% of the data they generate, ”he says.

The year of artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence will be the necessary engine for hybrid clouds to function seamlessly —the ones that will grow the most in 2021 and that combine a private cloud with one or more public cloud services, with exclusive software that allows communication between each service—. Morell is clear that it will accelerate the ability of organizations to adapt and respond with agility to changes . “Artificial intelligence will teach systems to reason about the behavior of their applications, which will allow automating a good part of the tasks, both in the modernization and deployment of the applications, as well as in their daily management.”

An ethical use of Everything that artificial intelligence hides will also become more relevant . The opacity of the algorithms or of obtaining the data will be less present. At least that is how they understand it from the consulting firm Gartner, which believes that this new year will open the era of artificial intelligence governance. “Responsible artificial intelligence is emerging to address issues of trust, transparency, ethics, fairness, interpretation and compliance. A solid strategy of this technology will facilitate the performance, scalability and reliability of artificial intelligence models ”, they add.

Attentive to cybersecurity

The coronavirus crisis has shown that it is time to take digital threats very seriously. Ransomware attacks have devastated entire businesses and put all kinds of companies, including Garmin and Adeslas, in check . But simple firewalls or other technologies designed to protect the most sensitive information are not enough. Morell points out that confidential computing, quantum security and homomorphic encryption will dominate innovation in this field in 2021. “They will be responsible for further securing the data stored in the cloud, so we will see a faster adoption by the more regulated industries, such as the financial sector ”, he suggests.

This trend is described by Gartner as a security mesh. In his opinion, it is about increasing the security perimeter that protects the organization. More than a tool in particular, its forecasting is more methodological. They are betting on an expansion of cybersecurity beyond what would be the heart of the company . “Many assets now exist outside of the traditional security perimeter. The cybersecurity mesh essentially allows the perimeter to be defined around the identity of a person or thing. The cybersecurity mesh is a distributed architectural approach to scalable, flexible and trustworthy cybersecurity control. ”

Between ‘edge computing’ and 5G

However repeated, it does not mean that it has disappeared. We talk about science and data analytics. More than a trend, they will maintain their relevance, although with slight modifications . Exploiting big data in another way will push edge computing – a technology that brings computing and data storage closer to where it is needed – to improve response times and save bandwidth. “In combination with 5G, they will create possibilities and use cases with enormous transformative power. We are already seeing pioneering projects, such as the one adopted in the port of Barcelona ”, trench Morell.

“ The automation at scale of the different forms of big data , as a fundamental element of business transformation, virtualization and automation of processes and industrial assets, supported by the implementation of 5G networks, and the deployment of business platforms with intelligence and very high levels of automation already incorporated, will also be very relevant in 2021 ”, concludes Chao.

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