More beautiful life: who killed Melmont? The culprit finally revealed

More beautiful life: who killed Melmont? The culprit finally revealed It is the great mystery of the moment in Plus belle la vie: who killed Melmont, the psychiatrist of the Mistral? If the question haunts you, know that France 3 has already revealed the name of the culprit in an unpublished extract. Prepare for a shock.

Huge upheaval to come at the Mistral. While the small district of Marseille has already experienced some earthquakes in recent weeks following the death of Alex Melmont and the discovery of the hidden face of this psychiatrist, the writers are preparing for us a final twist that should break the hearts of many fans.

Melmont's murderess unveiled

Get ready, it's next September 19, on the occasion of episode 4108 of Plus Belle la vie, that the name of the assassin will finally be revealed on France 3. Now, as we can already discover in an unpublished extract which acts as a flashback, it will simply be … Sabrina . Yes, you are not dreaming, the writers of the daily fiction really decided to take the usual nice waitress of Plus belle la vie to the dark side.

And to the question, “How did she come to be a criminal?”, The answer is simple: it all happened in a confrontation that went wrong. In the excerpt in question, we can see her threatening the psychiatrist to swing his dark methods on the net (she accuses him in particular of a lack of ethics and of having almost cost the life of Stan, his companion). Faced with this, Alex Melmont then takes out a pistol to threaten her in turn, but Sabrina manages to disarm him before finally shooting him in the chest in cold blood.

Now another question arises: what will happen to Sabrina? Will she confess everything to the police? Will she confess her act to Stan? Will Stan denounce himself in order to protect Sabrina? Will the couple flee Marseille to escape justice? Difficult to say at the moment, but it seems obvious that nothing will ever be the same again for the heroine of Éléonore Sarrazin.

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