More beautiful life: Irina will leave Boher, end of the couple at the Mistral?

More beautiful life: Irina will leave Boher, end of the couple at the Mistral? The Mistral will still shake in the days to come. To believe an unpublished extract from Plus belle la vie (France 3), it is a new couple that could break up. Yes, Irina could leave Jean-Paul Boher a few months before their wedding, all because of … Samia.

And a new separation to put on the charts of Jean-Paul in Plus belle la vie? It is sadly possible. For a few years now, Stéphane Henon's character has had a series of romantic disappointments (Samia, Ariane, Léa …) and the next on the list could be named Irina. In any case, this is what leaves us to fear an unpublished extract of episode 4119 which will be broadcast on October 1 on France 3.

Separation of a couple in the Mistral?

We can discover it, the war will indeed break out between Jean-Paul and his ex Samia on the subject of their respective marriages. In question ? Both ceremonies (him with Irina, her with Hadrian) are supposed to take place on December 31. And since neither of the two wants to change the date, they will do low blows to annoy the other.

What to offer us ridiculously nice moments between these emblematic characters, but not at all to make Irina laugh. According to the excerpt in question, the young woman will logically get annoyed when she sees her fiancé worrying more about her ex rather than focusing on their future union, ” You have to get married. And I wasn't talking about me, but your ex. Marry her, you only think about her “.

Also, without much surprise, Irina will slam the door of the house and throw the worst possible response, ” I'm fed up. It's over! You understand? It's over between us! ” So, irreversible separation or simple blow blood to make Jean-Paul react? See you in a few days to find out.

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