More beautiful life: Fabienne Carat (Samia) harassed on the set, the actress tells

More beautiful life: Fabienne Carat (Samia) harassed on the set, the actress tells

Plus belle la vie: Fabienne Carat (Samia) harassed on the set, the actress explains herself If all goes well today for Fabienne Carat on the sets of Plus belle la vie, this was not always the case for the 'interpreter of Samia. The actress confessed, she was the victim of terrible moral harassment on the set of the series of France 3.

Last May, Fabienne Carat revealed in her book Dance with Life that she had been the victim of harassment by a director on the set of Plus belle la vie. A difficult situation for the actress, on which she agreed to return to the program Un éclairs de Guény (Radio VL) this Wednesday, September 23.

Fabienne Carat harassed on the set

For nearly two weeks, the director in question would have led her life for no reason, to the point of making her crack. She revealed, ” I came to tell myself that maybe he was having problems with his mom or with women .” Then, Samia's interpreter then confessed, this harassment still haunts her today, ” I find myself pathetic. I am very saddened by myself [at the idea of having let it be] (. ..) This story is 5 years old and I was still there, letting myself be mistreated like that, on set, when I am the main actress.

The actress still so angry

Fortunately, Fabienne Carat finally took things in hand by complaining to competent people, ” I told myself that it was not possible in fact to let yourself be talked like that, to let yourself be mistreated on a shoot where I am. the main actress “, and managed to have the director suspended.

However, Fabienne Carat sadly clarified, this affair forced her to change over time, ” We are surprised that I have a lot of character, that I have a big mouth as we can say, that I don't let me do it any more … But I'm not like that at the base. At the base, I'm a very nice girl, very simple, very cute “. More frustrated than ever by this situation which affects many other women, the actress did not hide her anger at this society marked by toxic masculinity, ” We women, we always have to become mean at some point and say stop, turn into a pitbull, and it's dramatic to have to get there to be respected.

Between that and the criticisms of some fans, unable to take a step back, Fabienne Carat has not only experienced beautiful moments on Plus belle la vie

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