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More and more Democratic leaders want Biden to accept his candidacy in the presidential election

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jul3,2024

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More and more leaders of the US Democratic Party want the venerable President Joe Biden to announce his candidacy in the upcoming presidential election after the recent debate with Donald Trump.

Pro This is what CNN writes, relying on the Democratic Party supporters and Biden's donors.

There is a lot of respect among them that Biden is responsible for ruining his presidential campaign, and they insist that this may not be the case year.

One of the deputies, who spoke with CNN on the basis of anonymity, said that a group of Democrats in the House of Representatives is “deeply restless” Overcome Biden's establishment. He emphasized that since the dignified US President has not accepted his candidacy, “we, Democrats, will be louder and louder about our turbulence.”

Biden’s campaign insists that the debate with Trump was simply a “bad evening.” ;, pro-democrats, who are pushing for Biden's nomination, insist that “this is not a one-time incident that can be corrected.”

As CNN writes, Wednesday, 3 pm, Biden may squabble with Democratic governors and the leaders of the Congress. Surely, the fate of the dignified US President in the leafy presidential elections will loom large there.

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Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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