More and more delays in learning among pupils | VIVA MEDIA

More and more delays in learning among pupils |  VIVA MEDIA

Right now, many children have very low self-esteem due to their learning difficulties. Marilou Turbide does not hesitate to say that this sad reality could get worse if schools are closed again and children are obliged to continue their learning virtually.

“To give an example, we have a 7-year-old girl who comes to the Plural Center. Unfortunately, she did not manage to acquire the necessary skills in the first year, but she is still in the second year. She finds that her friends are successful, but not her. It’s hard on a child’s esteem. It’s hard to love school when a student experiences failure. “

School doesn’t happen at home

Going to school virtually is not an option for Ms. Turbide. According to the former special education teacher, a large number of children have learning difficulties and they must receive the necessary academic assistance. However, one reality remains present. Places are limited in adapted groups.

“Unfortunately, not all children will be able to cope with academic delays,” explains Ms. Turbide. Teachers give themselves heart and soul, but you have to understand that resources are limited. There are waiting lists at school service centers. For a child to be accepted, it must go through a selection committee. I am really worried. “

Marilou Turbide confirms that there are many requests at the Center Pluriel. However, due to sanitary measures, places are limited. Surprisingly, it is not uncommon to see the presence of more than 20 students in a class. But, the Plural Center does not have this possibility.

“Due to the health regulations, we cannot have more than one child in the room at a time,” says Marilou Turbide. These are really private lessons. It’s not an ideal situation for a young company like the Center Pluriel, but we are there for the children. “

The mission of the Center Pluriel is to support children / teenagers and their families in all the challenges they face.









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