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You can download an early version of the brand-new Microsoft’s OS now. The Windows 11 will start rolling out on October the 5th and you’ll be happy to know that the upgrade will be free if you are already a Windows 10 user. You simply need to have a device that is compatible and that meets the minimum requirements. If you cannot wait for the new update, you can download the Windows 11 Insider Preview today and test out the new features, including widgets, layouts, virtual desktops as well as the new Microsoft Store. Before downloading the new OS, below you’ll find all you need to know about the new software.

To check that your device is eligible for the free upgrade, you can check in a number of different ways. Check that your device is updated to the latest Windows 10, if not, it would be ideal to download it to prepare your computer for the Windows 11 update. If you wish to download the Windows 11 Insider Preview, you can do so online. However, do note that with beta versions, it tends to bug. Never download a beta on your main device. Try to use a tester device, if you own one. Or else, it is best to wait for the general release in October. The preview doesn’t now include every feature that will be introduced with the general release.

If you still wish to try it out, make sure you are running a licensed version of Windows 10 on your device and that you are the administrator. Register to the Windows Insider Program and click on Start Flighting. Then, go to the settings and to the update and security, select Windows Insider Program and click on Get Started. Pick the account that you wish to choose and connect it to continue. Follow the instructions and choose whether you want the Insider Preview built on the Dev channel, the Beta channel or the release preview channel. Read the terms and conditions and click confirm to restart your device. When the device restarts, go to the diagnostics and feedback section in the settings to make sure that the Optional Diagnostic Data is switched on. Then, click to check for updates and you should see the latest Insider Preview. Your device will update the same way as it would with any other update.

Once Windows 11 is fully available to all users with a compatible computer in October, you will be able to download it the same way you would download any new version of Windows. Do consider that the Windows 11 rollout will be slow, it could take months before it will be fully available for all devices. First, the PCs will get the upgrades while all other compatible devices are expected to get the full update by mid-2022.

New Features

Some of the new features that Windows 11 will introduce are the following:

  • A new design with pastel colors and rounded corners, overall a more Apple Mac look.
  • The Start menu will move from the bottom left to the middle with the app icons moved in the center next to it.
  • All Android apps will be integrated into Windows. This includes gaming apps from new casinos that entered the market in 2021 and old-time favorites like Slots, Poker and Gin Rummy Plus from Zynga.
  • New desktop tools and widgets for easier information and virtual desktop creation.

The new update will bring along major changes since the launch of Windows 10 back in 2015. Rumors about a redesign have been circulating for the past year and on May 25th at the Microsoft Build developers conference, the CEO of Microsoft announced this major change.

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