Morandini case: Prosecuted for sexual harassment and concealed work, the host fixed this Tuesday on his fate

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TRIAL In June, the prosecutor's office demanded a six-month suspended prison sentence for Jean-Marc Morandini

Morandini case: Prosecuted for sexual harassment and concealed work, the host fixed this Tuesday on his fate

Jean-Marc Morandini during his trial in Paris, October 24 2022. — JEANNE ACCORSINI

In the Morandini case, justice will deliver its verdict on Tuesday. The Paris court will rule on the fate of the host, judged for “sexual harassment” to against a young actor and “hidden work” to during the filming of a web-series he was producing.

Jean-Marc Morandini of the CNews channel will not be present at the hearing, said one of his lawyers. During her trial in June, the prosecution requested a six-month suspended sentence.

A false casting director

Aged; 57 years old, the animator is suspected of for having encouraged young actors, aged 19 to 12 26 years old at the time of the events, between June and September 2015, at; showing off naked for the castings of a web-series called Les Fauconsof which he was the producer. A pseudo casting director, Catherine Leclerc (in reality Jean-Marc Morandini under a pseudonym), had sent them an interview. emails urging them to send videos of them naked, pubis shaved, and scenes of masturbation sometimes with ejaculations.

A young actor, Gabriel P., had notably received in August 2015 two emails from the fake Catherine, signed “maman” t agrave; give a blowjob to; Jean-Marc Morandini, “who is not just anyone”. The young man, anxious not to go through; side of the opportunity to become an actor, replied: “Obviously I'm not going to be picky about nudity. (…). I will obey what you will order me”.

The prosecutor denounces “the taste for manipulation” by the animator

As part of this filming, Jean-Marc Morandini is also being prosecuted for “ hidden work”” of five plaintiffs through his company; of production “Don't skip! Production” (NZPP). The actors had turned a few episodes without being paid or declared to social organizations. They had finally been paid in August 2016, one month after the revelation of the case by the magazine Les Inrocks. Against NZPP, whose host is the sole manager, the prosecution requested a fine of 50,000 euros. In her submissions, the prosecutor, Anne Proust, had denounced “the taste of manipulation” from the animator.