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Montréal wants to encourage the holding of new clothing Nocturnal events in certain areas

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On February 13, the City of Montreal will present its nightlife policy project. A public consultation will follow. (Archive photo)

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The administration of Mayor Valérie Plante will consult the population about its nightlife policy, a project intended to find “the right balance” between the entertainment environment and the quality of life in the neighborhoods.

In an interview at Tout un matin, Tuesday, on ICI Premiere, the president of the executive committee of the City of Montreal, Luc Rabouin, explained what this draft policy consists of: we want to create the conditions to have a dynamic nightlife in Montreal, while ensuring that x27;we offer high quality living environments.

The City wishes to target sectors where we should expect that “There is nightlife and [where] we should possibly have a different tolerance for noise,” described Mr. Rabouin. It could be a part of the Latin Quarter, for example.

If we live in the Quartier des spectacles, we shouldn't be surprised that there are shows and not just mime shows there: music shows, etc.

A quote from Luc Rabouin , president of the executive committee of the City of Montreal

On February 13, the City will present its draft policy to citizens and will subsequently hold a consultation with them to determine whether “a 24-hour neighborhood” is a good idea. The population will be invited to describe the conditions that will allow the entertainment community and event organizers to coexist harmoniously with the residents of a neighborhood.

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The City has been working on this policy for two years and has examined how it was carried out around twenty activities, held all night long. There was a lot of reluctance, people were afraid it would be a mess in the morning, described Luc Rabouin. We tested it, it worked, we had very few complaints. We set the right conditions.

More details will follow

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