Montreal: Postponement of deadlines for payment of municipal taxes

Montreal: Postponement of deadlines for payment of municipal taxes

The deadlines for the payment of municipal taxes in Montreal will be postponed this year: the first installment will be due for June 1 and the second for September 1.

Usually, payments are due in March and June.

The president of the executive committee of the City of Montreal Benoit Dorais announced it on Wednesday morning and the city council will look into it in two weeks.

“This year we will postpone the deadline for tax payments. We will give all taxpayers a bit of a break by ensuring that the first payment can be made on June 1 and the second on September 1, ”said Mr. Dorais.

“We know that the pandemic will not disappear like that by magic so that is part of different measures that we are taking,” he added.

Last year, the June 1 payment deadline was also extended several times to help Montreal homeowners during the pandemic.

The opposition party Ensemble Montréal was already planning to present a motion at the next municipal council meeting to demand such a postponement of residential and non-residential property taxes for the year 2021.

“Postponing tax payments is the right thing to do if we want to remove significant financial stress from Montrealers and small businesses already hit hard by the pandemic and now by the curfew,” said the leader of Ensemble Montreal , Lionel Perez.

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