Montreal Football Club | The new collection criticized, that of the Impact liquidated

Montreal Football Club |  The new collection criticized, that of the Impact liquidated

If you want to get a piece of clothing still signed with the Impact logo, it’s now or never. The team’s new collection – which formalized its name change on Thursday, opting for Club de Foot Montréal – has just been presented, while the old one is being liquidated on the club’s store. As expected, the reactions were quick to burst forth.

For many supporters, already outraged by the abandonment of the name worn by the Montreal team for 28 years, this symbolic gesture deserves a red card: the update of the collection provoked a wave of indignation and mockery on social networks.

The latter includes caps, jerseys, hoodies, scarves and toques stamped with the club’s adopted snowflake logo – but no new jersey, which is due to be presented in early February. A snowflake that does not seem to have melted the hearts of some of the club’s faithful.

“I will proudly wear my Impact vest! And will not waste a dollar for this masquerade with a logo worthy of a ski club, ”announces this supporter of the club under the Facebook post announcing the availability of new parts in the shop.

“I will buy the old jersey, I who follow you from France, I am so disappointed. […] There, they look like police t-shirts and caps, really, it’s so ugly, ”adds another supporter of the team.

In this sea of ​​reviews, positive opinions have nevertheless emerged, some having already made up their minds about the redesign of the items for sale. “The new face of our Professional Football Club of Quebec doesn’t bother me, on the contrary. Very nice logo, always the beautiful blue color of Quebec and the lilies. A real national team that identifies with Quebec without embarrassment, ”trumpets a cheerful Internet user.

As for the old collection, it is now sold with a general discount of 50% on all items struck by the Impact. For some, it is drawing a line on the past a little too abruptly.

“Erase 28 years of history for a snowflake when when it falls, the team goes into hiding at the Olympic Stadium. […] The equipment bearing the Impact’s effigy is on clearance at the store: luckily because I will never buy a “Montreal Football Club” jersey, “promises this long-time supporter.

On the sidelines, buyers also expressed their dissatisfaction with having acquired items branded by the Impact for Christmas.

Will the soccer club manage to sell its refreshed image in the long run? The answer will surely be in the stands; to see which, the new logo or the old one, will be best represented at the option of the seats.

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