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Monthly haircut calendar for April 2024 – days to cut hair

Calendar of haircuts for April 2024/Collage 24 Channel

The monthly calendar for April 2024 will help you plan a trip to the hairdresser. Find out when you can get a haircut to grow your hair fast, because this second month of spring will have both favorable and unfavorable days for it.

A haircut calendar based on the lunar calendar will help you choose the most suitable time for hair care and haircut in April. Tips from this calendar will tell you when it's best to cut your hair, get a new hairstyle, and when it's better to refrain from going to the hairdresser.

When you can cut your hair in April 2024

There is a lunar calendar for each month – read more about which days will be favorable for hair care and haircuts in April.

APRIL 2024
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
8 9 10 11 12 13< /strong> 14
15 16 17 18 19 20 21
22< /strong> 23 24 25 26 27 28
29 30

*Green favorable days are marked in color, unfavorable days in red, neutral days in yellow.

Monthly haircut calendar for April

1 April, Monday

Use nourishing masks or conditioners to moisturize and nourish your hair. Also suitable for head massage to increase blood circulation and strengthen hair follicles.

April 2, Tuesday

Refrain from radical haircuts or changes in hairstyle. Put off dyeing or using chemical hair products.

April 3, Wednesday

Perform a deep cleansing procedure using a special shampoo or scalp scrub. This will help get rid of accumulated impurities and excess fat.

April 4, Thursday

Do a head massage using essential oils to relieve stress and relax muscles. It will also promote hair growth and overall health.

Friday, April 5

Make your own homemade hair oil using natural ingredients, such as olive or coconut oil. Apply to damp hair and leave on for a few hours or even overnight for deep hydration.

Saturday, April 6

This is the perfect day to cut your hair and create a new hairstyle. You can try a new style or simply update your usual look.

Monthly haircut calendar for April 2024 – days to cut your hair

April 7, Sunday

Use heat protection before using styling devices such as blow dryers or a curling iron. This will help prevent hair damage from high temperatures.
April 8, Monday

Make a light scalp massage using aloe vera or jojoba oil to strengthen hair and reduce breakage. It will also help reduce flaky scalp.

Tuesday, April 9

Use natural hair styling products such as aloe vera juice or organic gel. They not only fix the hairstyle, but also nourish the hair with useful substances.

April 10, Wednesday

Make a soft highlight or tint your hair to update your appearance without radical changes. Use natural dyes or toners for coloring.

April 11, Thursday

Make a restorative hair mask using natural ingredients such as egg, honey or argan oil. This will help improve the condition and structure of the hair.

April 12, Friday

On this day, it is worth visiting a hairdresser for a haircut or maintaining the shape of your hairstyle. Also suitable for coloring or other grooming treatments.

Saturday, April 13

Get a haircut or contouring to keep your hair neat and stylish. Treatments such as deep moisturizing or head massage can also be done.

April 14, Sunday

Do a deep moisturizing hair treatment using appropriate moisturizing masks or air conditioners This is especially important for dry and damaged hair.

April 15, Monday

Do a gentle peeling of the scalp to clean the pores and improve blood circulation. Use natural scrubs or special peelings for the scalp.

April 16, Tuesday

On this day, it is better to refrain from haircuts or any chemical effects on the hair . Avoid using aggressive products for coloring or changing the texture of the hair.

Monthly haircut calendar for April 2024 – days to cut hair

Wednesday, April 17

Use natural oils like coconut or canola to moisturize your hair and nourish your hair follicles. Apply them to wet hair before styling.

April 18, Thursday

Massage your head using essential oils for relaxation and stress relief. This will help improve blood circulation and hair condition.

April 19, Friday

Perform a deep hair cleansing procedure using a special shampoo or scrub to remove impurities and excess oil.

April 20 , Saturday

Use a heat protectant before using styling tools to prevent heat damage.

April 21, Sunday

Make a decision about a radical change in hairstyle or performing creative experiments with your hair. Also, this day is suitable for experimenting with color.

April 22, Monday

You can change your image by cutting your hair in accordance with the latest fashion trends. It is recommended to visit the hairdresser for a haircut or to maintain the shape of your hairstyle.

April 23, Tuesday

It is not recommended to make radical changes to the hairstyle. Avoid using hair dryers or other heat treatment devices.

April 24, Wednesday

Use a mask to improve hair structure and give it extra shine and softness.

April 25, Thursday

Make your hair soft toned or highlighted to update your look. Use natural dyes or tonics for coloring.

April 26, Friday

Use a restorative shampoo and conditioner for hair that needs recovery after stress and external influences.

April 27, Saturday

Give a light scalp massage using natural oils such as jojoba or lavender oil. This will help soothe the scalp and improve circulation.

April 28, Sunday

Use a restorative oil-serum or vitamin E serum to nourish and strengthen hair. Apply it to damp hair after washing to retain moisture and shine.

April 29, Monday

This is a great day to get a haircut or create a new look. You can experiment with the length, shape or texture of your hair.

Monthly haircut calendar for April 2024 – days to cut your hair

April 30, Tuesday

You should refrain from cutting or dyeing your hair. Avoid any drastic changes that can affect the condition and health of your hair.

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