‘Monotony’: this is how the video clip in which Shakira vents after her separation was recorded

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The woman from Barranquilla published the behind-the-scenes look at her most recent single, which, two weeks after its premiere, has already accumulated 85 million views on YouTube

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‘Monotonia’: this is how the video clip was recorded in which Shakira vents after her separation

The Monotonía video clip was co-directed by Jaume de la Iguana and through the barranquillera. Photo: Behind-the-scenes screenshot.

Shakira, despite living a painful moment in her sentimental life, continues to reap success and surprise her millions of followers. This time with the behind-the-scenes publication of the video clip of her latest single, Monotonía, in which, in addition to revealing the void left by her separation, she also throws hints and taunts at her ex-partner, footballer Gerard Piqué.

In behind the scenes you can see how the fans of the barranquillera crowded the streets of Barcelona during the recording of the video clip. Immediately there are images of the moment in which Ozuna and Shakira meet the recording set, to give way to some shots in which the video production team is seen, which according to the credits would be around 100 people.< /p>

You can also see the woman from Barranquilla interacting with Jaume de la Iguana, co-director of the Monotonía video clip. In a behind-the-scenes moment, you can see how the scene was created in which Shakira is hit in the chest by the shot of the mysterious man that many fans of the Barranquilla immediately associated with Piqué.

The behind the scenes of Monotonía is also a kind of tribute to the production team that made the video clip possible, because, near the end, the Barranquilla woman is seen affectionately saying goodbye to the director, technicians, set designers and other people involved in the making of the video.

The video, which was published on November 3, occupies, at the end of this note, the 12th position in video trends on YouTube, a platform on which it already has nearly 350,000 views, while the official video of Monotonía, which premiered two weeks ago, already has 85 million views.

You can see the full behind-the-scenes look below:

Shakira hints at Piqué: “Your lips don't taste like anything to me, now it's quite the opposite”

After the Monotonía video clip was officially published and the lyrics were finally known, some of the song's verses would be indirect and taunt her ex-partner, Gerard Piqué and Clara Chía, the woman for whom the soccer player would have left the singer from Barranquilla.

She loves you, but I love me more”, is one of the first hints that Shakira would have thrown at Chía. Next, he affirms that “It is a necessary goodbye, what was incredible one day became routine”, adding how insipid the kisses of his today ex-partner became: “They do not know me swim your lips, now it's the opposite”.

At another point in the song, the woman from Barranquilla probably tells her ex-girlfriend that, from one moment to the next, he was no longer the same as before, forgetting what they once became, his narcissism being one of the causes of their breakup.

“Suddenly you were no longer the same, you left me because of your narcissism, you forgot what we once were.”

One ​​of the moments in which you can hear the hints at Piqué is when Ozuna begins to rap:

“You are distant with your attitude, and that filled me with concern, you didn't give even half, but I do know that I gave more than you, I was running for someone who wasn't even walking for me.”

Below you can see the official video of Monotonía :